Chapter 93 – Canards et Cygnes

28 01 2009


Whenever I find myself with nothing to do, or feel stressed, or upset, I always go down to the park and stand by the lake, and watch the birds on the water. There are always coots or moorhens. Usually mallards, sometimes geese or swans, too. Occasionally a heron or a bittern. I like the swans the best. They’re so beautiful, and so graceful.

When I was very small, my mother would often take me to feed the ducks. It would cheer me up if I was feeling sad, and calm me down if I was making trouble. Even if the weather was cold and wet, I would wrap up warm and visit the ducks in the rain. Who’d have thought that tearing up dried bread could be so much fun? Back then, it seemed like the most blissful thing in the world.




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29 01 2009

Seems like quite a good de-stressing activity. You have a variety of water birds where you are! I’d forgotten how calming it is to watch them.

honorineblanchard: Yes, I find it’s always very relaxing and soothing.

2 02 2009
The Totton linnet

When I was two or so I saw my 1st swan, he was so beautiful I ran to hug him, you can guess what the result of that was. But I got a huge white feather out of the ensuing dust up, we kept it for years but one day we looked for it and it had shriveled all up.

honorineblanchard: Oh, my! I would never try to hug a swan! Swan feathers are so beautiful, though. But everything decays in the end, and that’s sad.

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