Chapter 92 – Paint and television

26 01 2009


Well, this has certainly been an interesting month. In the space of a few weeks, I have been taken in for questioning by the police, escaped from a burning police station, been threatened at gunpoint, ran away from home, become a fugitive, survived a car crash and been attacked by a monster.

Compared to all that, this last week has been a welcome change. We haven’t been attacked, threatened, or pursued for eleven days now. Under the circumstances, I’d say that’s pretty good going.

The four of us spent much of the weekend repainting the front hall and living room. I’ve never really done any decorating before, but it’s easy enough. It does get dull after a while though.

But hey, I’m not complaining. After all, here we have access to the greatest cure for boredom: a television! Nothing like “Steel Radar Fury” or “Bella & Bethany” to alleviate the tedium of cleaning and decorating. Maybe I could have done without “New South Avenue” (yawn!), but Bradley and Megan like it, so it’s only fair that they got to see it.

I’m especially glad I got to see the Haberdiers beat the Mets on Saturday! Even if it meant enduring Iaru, Bradley and Tom’s jibes about baseball not being a ‘real’ sport. Hmph! But then, they let me watch it, which was nice, especially since it meant I was hogging the TV for about 3 hours! I had been resigned to not being able to see it.




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28 01 2009

If you weren’t fugitives from the law for trumped-up charges, running for your lives, and pawns in a secret game, I’d say you were on a useful apprenticeship program, learning skilled labour!
And your favorite telly as well! What could be better? …probably lots of things, actually.

johnny07: You know that’s a pretty big ‘if’, right? But I guess I needed to learn to paint sometime. Like I said, I’m definitely not complaining. Things could be a lot worse!

2 02 2009
The Totton linnet

I was worried by the fact that the shadow thinghead was able to find you on the road, but it hasn’t managed to locate you at the farm, so maybe it’s not so smart.

johnny07: That’s what we’re hoping. There’s been no sign of anything spooky or shadowy since that one that attacked us, so perhaps it’s given up.

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