Chapter 91 – Black Night

23 01 2009


hoo boy. so much crazy stuff has happened since i last posted. check the others’ blogs if you don’t know about it yet, because it’s way too much to explain.

read em yet? good. so anyway, we’re now at this farmhouse. it’s kinda cool. very spacious. me and megan are sharing a guest room, and the boys are in a room just down the hall. there weren’t enough beds for all of us, but at least megan has a bed. i don’t begrudge her that. i’m not the one who got attacked, after all.

the farm people are really nice to let us stay here. there’s three of them running the place: caitlin, tom and mark. one sister and two brothers. caitlin’s the eldest child. she’s a very practical person, and i think she handles most of the business side of things here. she has this very brisk way of talking which makes her sound very serious, even when she’s joking. once you get used to that, she’s very funny.

tom seemed quite threatening at first. he’s pretty gruff, but he’s a really nice guy when you get to know him. quite aside from saving all our necks last thursday, he’s also the one who persuaded the caitlin and mark to let us stay for a while. all of which is especially nice of all of them, since they could have just turned us all in to the police the moment we got here. also, tom’s been really good looking after us all, especially megan, who was in a real shock after what happened to her face, as i’m sure you can imagine. thanks to tom, she’s visibly recovering, so that’s good.

mark is the youngest. he’s hardly ever around, since he does a lot of delivery running and general outdoor work. he’s often kinda grumpy, and i think he’s a bit anxious about us being here, but i think he’s a good guy at heart. he towed iaru’s car back, which was nice of him. i think he tried to help iaru fix it earlier, but it’s in the kind of state where nothing can be done, short of replacing all the contents of the bonnet, plus the entire front of the vehicle.

given how kind they’ve been to us all, it probably seems ungrateful when i say that we’re al getting a bit restless here. we haven’t been allowed outside, and with good reason, but it’s still no fun being stuck indoors indefinitely. iaru in particular is getting fed up.

not that we haven’t had anything to do. we’ve been doing a lot of early spring cleaning for the farmers here. today, among other things, we’ve been sanding down the skirting and cleaning the walls in the hall, which is in need of a repaint. i’m guessing that’s our job for the weekend.

the farm people get up really early. i’m still nowhere near an early riser. time i got some sleep!




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25 01 2009

It’s nice to get this news of you and learn a bit more about the kind people you are staying with. It is also good of you to be helpful. They would probably like to keep you around if you could help outdoors! Still, you must be feeling pretty housebound now. I understand how you could still feel at risk, too, or feel you are putting the farm family at risk.
I hope you figure something out, or, that the police do and they drop those charges against you!!!

bizzariarox: it sure was nice of them to let us stay here! we kinda have to make ourselves useful! we’re going to have to leave sooner or later though, because we can hardly stay here forever. the sooner we hang around here, the more likely it is that someone finds us.

fingers crossed that the police drop the charges soon! they’re completely ridiculous!

25 01 2009

funkyloon: I’ve just read over those other blogs, and I’m speechless. 😯

I believe you, but it’s incredible, and really scary. I’m glad to hear you’ve found somewhere safe to stay, and that you have all those kind farm people to look after you, but please be very careful!!

bizzariarox: so were we!

i know it sounds insane, with the monster and all, and it is terrifying! it’s nice here, but i don’t know how safe it is, and we’ll have to move on soon. it’s not reasonable to expect the farmers to protect us from the police if they show up and ask questions, for example. don’t worry, you know me. i’m always careful! 😉

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