Chapter 90 – What now?

21 01 2009


Location: the farmhouse
Mood: good, thanks
Music: Foundation ~ Billy Baggins and the Wereworms

Still at the farmhouse, and we’re wondering what to do next. Obviously can’t stay here forever. It’s really nice of the people here to give us a place to stay, and food and medicine and everything, but the longer we stay here, the longer we put both ourselves and the farm people in danger. It wouldn’t be a good way to repay their kindness if we ended up getting them arrested or something, would it?

Problem is, we’re not sure where’s the best place to go from here. The Cymru border’s not far from here, but now that we no longer have a car, it seems a lot further away than it did. I can’t believe what happened to that car. It was so stupid. Tried to fix it, but it looks to be beyond repair.

If I’d only driven a bit slower, maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation, but I guess that’s by the bye now. You know, it’s really scary trying to drive on ice like that. I’ve never attempted to drive in that kind of weather before.

Actually, if I’d kept going much longer, I expect I would have had to stop anyway, because the snow kept on falling. We’d have been stuck. We can’t leave now, as it happens, because it snowed again this morning, and it’s showing no signs of thawing. Maybe if we borrowed the tractor, but I’m pretty sure they need that.



One response

22 01 2009

I’m really sorry about your car! Not only because it’s a valuable object, but it’s so needed by you all right now. I can’t imagine the farm would part with the tractor; it’s important to their livelihood… 😦
Don’t be too down on yourself about your driving, please! You were under a great deal of stress in addition to the adverse driving conditions. I do hope you can get away and be safe.

Iaru01: Thank you. And just when we could do with a car, too! Still can’t quite believe it. Of all the things that could have happened!

They’ve been very kind at the farm, but i don’t seriously imagine they would part with the tractor, certainly haven’t the nerve to ask!

Thanks. I hope we can get away safe too.

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