Chapter 89 – the rant

19 01 2009

A second degree burn to the face is an extremely serious injury, and Megan is downplaying it here.  Bear in mind that this is the future, and medicine has advanced considerably.  Megan’s burn is also fairly small, and superficial.  This means that she could likely make a full recovery without any long-term damage in a few weeks time.  Nevertheless, it would still be extremely painful.


I have a history exam on Wednesday.  I don’t feel remotely ready for it.  Best get revising, I guess.




2 responses

20 01 2009

Yes, owww! I’m certainly glad it won’t be disfiguring; I’m getting to like Megan.
Are you blogging when you should be revising? {this is the voice of your conscience, muahahaha}
Best of luck & good thoughts to you upon your exam. 🙂

20 01 2009

I’m glad you’re getting to like her! It’s always nice when friends like your characters! 🙂

Erm… revising? Exam tomorrow? Um, no, of course not!

*dashes off to do some revision*

*dashes back remembering he hasn’t hit submit comment yet*

Thank you very much! I’ve a feeling I’ll need that luck! 🙂

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