Chapter 89 – My Face Hurts

19 01 2009


As you probably know by now, last Thursday we were attacked by some kind of shadow thing, and we’re very lucky we weren’t killed.

None of us have any idea what it was that attacked us, but I do know that it was boiling hot. I could feel the heat coming off it. It made my skin blister when it got close. Luckily, I leaned back quickly, so it only caught the side of my face, but if Tom hadn’t showed up when he did, I think I’d have been burnt to a crisp. We’d probably all have been, actually.

Tom and his brother and sister have been really good to us. After inviting us inside, the first thing Tom did was help me clean my face up and give me this ointment, which I have to put on my face daily. I think it’s working, but my face still hurts like mad. It looks horrible, too.

We’re having to stay inside the house, because it’s too dangerous to risk being recognised by one of the farmhands, and if that happened, Tom and his siblings would be in trouble for harbouring criminals, too. They’ve been getting us to do a lot of work around the house, but I don’t think any of us mind that since we’re all so grateful to have somewhere we can stay and be safe. We can’t thank them enough.



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19 01 2009

a shadow that burns? reminds me of this tv show called “lost”…

anyway, i hope you’re recovering well from it! from the physical and emotional experience. 😦 must have been quite scary.

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: I don’t think I’ve seen that programme. Did it offer an explanation?

Thank you. I guess I’m recovering. I haven’t really noticed much difference, but I expect it’s better than it was. It was worse than scary. The worst part was the moment when I felt the heat from that thing, and for that split second I just thought – this is it, I’m done for. It’s like, you know that you’re dead. And then, when I realised I was safe, and the thing had really gone, I felt completely elated.

20 01 2009

I’m so sorry you are in pain. The incident must have been terrifying! I’ve never heard of anything like that creature. Your life has certainly changed. A few posts ago you were upset because you could hardly leave the house; now look what fate has wrought.
I’m glad you are able to stay at the farm until you are recovered, but do be careful!

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Thank you. It was really, really terrifying. I have never been so afraid before. I’d never heard of any creature like that before, either.

You’re telling me my life has changed! Everything that I used to worry about seems so trivial now. I’d give anything to go back to Hercynia right now.

I hope I’ll be able to stay here until I’m recovered. I promise, I’ll be very careful!

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