Chapter 88 – the rant

16 01 2009

This chapter has existed for a while, but it’s been rewritten a few times.  Thanks to the helpful folks at TV Tropes Wiki for the firearms-related info.  I’m going to own up and say I don’t know the first thing about guns.  Initially Tom was to be using a shotgun, but I’m not convinced they’re accurate enough.  Then, until very recently, he was to be using a modified nail gun, until someone pointed out that that was utterly implausible.  I believe a rifle is accurate, and plausibly something a farmer would own.

And if it turns out they aren’t, just pretend it’s some kind of futuristic rifle, OK?

This is easily the most science fictiony chapter so far, although this isn’t the first time a shadow creature like the one in this chapter has appeared.  Brownie points will be awarded to anyone who knows when the shadow creature first showed up.

Let’s see, what else warrants an explanation..?  Ah, yes.  Iaru has a sword.  Not a Sword, but a regular sword for stabbing and stuff ornamental purposes.  It’s his most prized possession.

The “yellow limestone” described by Johnny is actually oolitic limestone, otherwise known as Cotswold stone.  You see it a lot around here.  It was inevitable that the characters would arrive in the Cotswolds at some point.

In fact, Tom is a Gloucestershire man.

However, he will never say “Ooh-arr!”




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20 01 2009

I don’t know if I’ll get any points…this story has been going on for a long time…I think I remember something of a shadow creature very early on, in the transmissions from space?!? Wow, this last chapter was almost a short story in itself! What on earth (or off it) is going on with these people????? Will we read more about the sword? It is ceremonial or a family heirloom or something?
Isn’t Cotswold stone that lovely golden colour I’ve read about? I haven’t seen it, but it seems it would make a stone cottage feel warm and friendly.

“However, he will never say ‘Ooh-arr!'” —Thank heaven for that! I’ve had enough of that sort of thing from Mr Moulterd! 😉

20 01 2009

It has been going a while, it’s true. I should probably write some recap summaries of the first couple of phases when I have the time. The transmissions weren’t from space, but well done for remembering them! 🙂 The first shadow creature was a bit later, though.

Yes, it was long, wasn’t it? I tried to cut it down, but I didn’t want to lose any of the details. The sword will definitely appear later, although it’s more of a showing-off type item than an actual heirloom.

Cotswold stone is rather pretty looking, I guess. There’s a lot of it around here, so you get used to it. It’s certainly not ugly.

Haha, that’s from Grace & Favour, right? I figured that was a West Country stereotype this story could do without!

25 01 2009

Indeed it is! I didn’t know if you would catch the reference, but you are clever and well informed about media matters.
Thank you for the link to the Cotswold stone. It is lovely. 🙂

25 01 2009

I think I am slowly but surely turning into some kind of media sponge. 🙂

Glad you like the stone! You should visit Gloucestershire some time, there’s a lot of it about!

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