Chapter 87 – the rant

14 01 2009

They’re in real trouble now.

I think Bradley’s joking when she imagines what her mum would say, but it’s hard to be sure.  Bradley’s mother does place a lot of emphasis on Bradley’s studies.


I didn’t get that Music Tech done on Tuesday.  My singer texted me about ten minutes before the recording session saying that he was still in bed and would have to cancel.

I embarrassed myself pretty badly in History today by falling asleep in class.  I’ve done that before, on more than one occasion, but this was exceptionally bad because my teacher was talking to me at the time.  Problem is, in Music Tech, there are three Robs in the class.  So I was aware of the guy next to me trying to elbow me awake, and I could hear the teacher saying, “Rob?  Are you listening?  Are you OK, Rob?”, but it took a moment for my brain to get into gear, and I was thinking, “Which Rob is she talking to?  Let’s see, this is History.  How many Robs in History class?  Let’s see, there’s me, and there’s… nope, just me.  Oh.  Damn.”

On the bright side, I also got back that awful rushed essay I did on Monday, and was surprised to hear that it was a band IV, and would have been a band III if I’d written a proper introduction.  So that’s promising.  If I just work a little harder, I might come out of this with a good grade after all!  Providing I stay awake, that is.

Current listening: Utada Hikaru, “Be My Last”




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14 01 2009

oopsie daisies! you really need to get a good night’s sleep, sounds like. 🙂 and your friend the singer’s kinda thoughtless, to tell you 10 minutes before that he won’t make it ‘cos he’s still in bed. after all the trouble you went to book the studio when you forgot! i don’t suppose he knows it, though.

maybe today will be better. no dropped doughnuts, perhaps? 😉

14 01 2009

I doubtless do need a good night’s sleep! 🙂 It’s a question of going to bed at a sensible time.

Knowing my friend the singer, he was probably off his face at the time, so I don’t think he was capable of thinking. Nice guy, though. I’m certain he had no idea how much trouble I went to to book the studio!

There will be no doughnut dropping if I have any say in the matter! If I see anyone dropping doughnuts on the floor, there’ll be trouble.

15 01 2009

1. Stop blogging.
2. Go to bed.

I hate to say it, but I was amused by your situ. It was the way you wrote it, of course. I’m sure it was not pleasant to be called out for sleeping in class. And to not remember how many Robs there are in a particular class, hehe 😉
Seriously, you and your mates have just got to stop getting plastered when you’re supposed to be studying! Don’t make me come over there! 😮 😀

Congrats on the essay. Your instructors can recognize talent when they see it.

15 01 2009

Already had done! Unless you’re suggesting I give up blogging for good?

It was amusing! It was hilarious! But it was also pretty embarrassing, and I don’t expect my parents would see the funny side (and it’s parents’ evening soon – *gulp*).

Who said we were getting plastered? How do you know I haven’t been up late studying? (It’s probably a bit of both, to be honest 😉 )

Thank you. 🙂 I’m going to have a go at some more past papers and see if I can improve on that. I’m determined to pass this exam!

20 01 2009

“Unless you’re suggesting I give up blogging for good?”
NOOO! Just for the night! I would never suggest that you deprive us of the pleasure of your writing!!! 😮

“Who said we were getting plastered?”
Well, you said this to sulz: “he was probably off his face at the time…”
Unless that means something different than I think it does?!? 😉

20 01 2009

Haha, thank you, that’s reassuring! 😉

Knowing the friend in question, there’s a good chance he’ll be off his face at any given time. He doesn’t need other people to drink with.

I feel obliged to point out that it would also be entirely possible for him to be off his face without having consumed any alcohol. Not that I’d be making any accusations, of course…

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