Chapter 87 – Never Turn Back

14 01 2009


well, i warned them. i warned them, but no-one listened to me.

we’re on the move again. we don’t have a choice. it turns out we’re now in the news – as wanted criminals, charged with larceny, arson, assaulting a police constable, gbh and resisting arrest. we were all kind of dumbfounded, as you can imagine, seeing as none of us has done any of those things. but we’re now officially fugitives.

we left the city in a hurry. we’ve decided to head for a less urban area. we’re debating leaving the country, although that would mean we’d need to somehow cross the border without being noticed.

this means we’re going to have to be a lot more careful and stop doing stupid things like sightseeing and drawing attention to ourselves. this isn’t a game. we are in an impossible situation here. we can’t afford to take unnecessary risks.

we’ll be sleeping in the car tonight. it’s too risky to go to a motel or something because someone could recognise us. as it is, we’re debating ditching the car as soon as possible. johnny thinks that’s the only sensible option if we don’t want to be followed, but iaru says there’s no way in hell he’s abandoning his car like that.

to make matters worse, it’s really cold and starting to snow. we’ve got blankets in the car, but we could still catch our death in this weather.

i don’t know how we got into this mess, but it sucks so badly it’s absurd. i feel pathetic for saying this, but i really miss my mum. i wonder what she thinks of me? does she think i’m really a criminal, or will she think there’s a misunderstanding? i never got the impression she really trusted me with anything. she’s probably furious i’m throwing my life away. i can just picture her: ‘what are you doing, becoming a fugitive? you should be focusing on your studies!’

we’re at rock bottom here. iaru is trying to keep us all sensible and optimistic, but i don’t think he’s having much success. megan is putting on this horrible forced cheerfulness, which is so painfully obviously fake, like she thinks we’re going to believe she’s cool with everything that’s happening. of course she bloody well isn’t cool with it! who would be? but it’s like she doesn’t want us to think she’s a person capable of being scared or missing home. i blame the boys for getting irritable with her when she was upset earlier.

meanwhile johnny is getting really paranoid and snapping at everyone, which isn’t helping matters in the slightest. frankly, it’s only a matter of time before one of us snaps and punches him. i mean, i get that he’s stressed. we’re all freaking stressed. there’s no need to be so noxious about it!




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15 01 2009

Oh, dear! Since you are on an island, it would be challenging to escape across borders, wouldn’t it? Could you possibly slip into Scotland perhaps? But, then, where is there really to go from there?
It’s not at all pathetic to miss your family! Although we don’t always get on with them, they are our most loyal support systems, usually.
It probably looks bad for you that you are on the run, but it must be exasperating since you didn’t do anything but have a rock, sell a rock, and then inquire about the rock.
Stay warm, stay safe. That sounds lame, but I don’t know what else to say…
A worried friend.

bizzariarox: we could cross into scotland or cymru. shouldn’t be too hard, given that there isn’t any border control, but even if we weren’t spotted, the most we’d achieve would be to throw them off our trail for a bit until the local authorities found us. crossing over to the mainland would be more difficult, although I suppose we could disguise ourselves for the boat. from there we could maybe head for somewhere more remote.

i hear what you’re saying about family. i just feel embarrassed saying it. me and my mum don’t always get on so well with one another. it worries me to think what she must think of me at the moment.

it is exasperating, especially since it wasn’t even me who sold the sodding rock in the first place! me, iaru and megan were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. of course, johnny wasn’t to know that this would happen either, but i wish he had used his common sense there.

thanks. we’ll look after ourselves as best we can. i appreciate the kind words, friend.

15 01 2009

funkyloon: Oh my god Bradlers! I had no idea about this!! What are you going to do?

Something is seriously wrong here. I don’t understand why the police would do this. It’s starting to look like Research Team 7 are more influential than we thought!

Please be very careful!!!

bizzariarox: mental, isn’t it? at the moment, we’re just heading vaguely in the direction of cymru, but i’m not sure what we’ll gain by going there.

you think research team 7 could be behind all of this? i guess it’s possible. i wouldn’t have guessed they were capable of something on this scale.

i’m being extremely careful, i promise!

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