Chapter 86 – Westminster

13 01 2009


I learnt a valuable lesson the other day: namely, be careful what you write on your blog, because everyone can read it. Maybe other people might also want to bear that in mind before they write rude things about people on their own blogs.

Anyway, this is no time for grumping, because today has actually been, dare I say it, fun. We’ve been exploring the City of Westminster!

First we went and took a look at the Houses of Parliament. I was a bit surprised, since Big Ben always looked a lot bigger on television. Once we’d done admiring that we headed for Buckingham Palace, which was really quite spectacular.

I feel like everyone’s walking on eggshells around me. After the way I was behaving last week I don’t think I can blame them. They’ve never seen me properly miserable before. After Iaru’s last post, I’m wondering if the only reason we’ve been sightseeing is because they want me to be in a good mood. Iaru and Bradley don’t seem wild about sightseeing, anyway. Johnny’s a bit more enthusiastic, though. He kept telling us all these weird facts about the buildings we saw. Some of it was really interesting, actually.

We wandered around the parks for a bit, then we visited Trafalgar Square. I have to say, London is nothing like either Hercynia or Hyperborea. There are so many old buildings and landmarks, and everything is so random. It’s a very weird place.

We’ve been disguising ourselves quite well, but Bradley thinks we’re still making ourselves too easy to follow. But who’s following us? It’s not like we’ve seen anybody looking for us. Actually, I find it a bit strange we’re not all over the papers. We are missing people, aren’t we?!




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13 01 2009

yup, been outed a few times for writing about people in my blog! i still do it, because other than the few times i accidentally revealed my blog to people i know, i pretend as if i don’t own one and so when i do write about people i try to camouflage their identities. ethical it’s not, but it’s a great stress reliever for me. besides putting my frustrations down in words, which i feel is better than other methods because it forces you to think thoroughly about the situation, your readers will also offer their perspectives and challenge your thinking. you may still believe what you did is right, but at least you know why if others don’t.

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Blogging is a great way to relieve stress! I don’t think it’s unethical, so long as you disguise people’s identities (although they won’t be happy if they find out about it). I was feeling irritable earlier because someone decided to criticise me in a post and didn’t even bother to hide who he was talking about, mentioning my name and my blog directly. That really annoyed me.

I agree that blogging about issues also forces you to think properly about them, and it’s definitely beneficial to get other people’s perspective on such matters.

14 01 2009
The Totton linnet

And you have to mind their security too

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Absolutely. That’s the main reason I don’t normally mention people by name here. Of course, now that I’m on the run and a wanted criminal, it’s no longer really an issue.

15 01 2009

It’s really nice, in the midst of all the chaos, that you had at least one really nice day. You are a nice person, just be who you are, and the others will learn to appreciate you, I’m sure!

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Yes, it was really nice, thank you.

So you’re saying I should be myself? I’m afraid I’m not even sure who that is anymore. But you seem really kind, so thank you very much.

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