Chapter 86 – the rant

13 01 2009

Cheerful. Friendly. Cheerful. Friendly.

Cheerful.  Friendly.  CHEERFUL.  FRIENDLY.


Megan uses her blog primarily for emotional release, whereas the other three use their blogs mainly as a more straightforward journal.  This means that in some ways, Megan’s blog is more personal than the others’, although in other respects, it was always the most anonymous: until her blog was “outed”, she never even used anybody’s real name in her blog.




2 responses

15 01 2009

Is she grumpy she was outed? I would be; but then, I’m not on the lam with me blogmates 😉

15 01 2009

I expect that’s part of it, but she’s mainly grumpy that Iaru was so rude about her in his last post.

Of course, her current situation has probably changed her perspective a little. 😉

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