Chapter 85 – the rant

12 01 2009

They’re making the best of things.  When you’re stuck in London for that long, you might as well go out and explore, right?  Of course, they’re perhaps not being as careful as they could.

I hope Iaru doesn’t come across as a jerk here.  I don’t think he’s being fair, but bear in mind that the Megan we see is not the same one that Bradley and Iaru are used to; nor is she the same one who left Hyperborea.


Mondays are a rubbish day as far as school is concerned.  We are required to come in every morning, but I don’t have lessons until History during period 5.  Allow me to share with you a day in the life of Bobby, and demonstrate why I may not be entirely ready for my history exam next week.

8:33 – Finally sets off for school, having overslept.  Hurries to school.  Forgets coat, in spite of the cold, wet weather.

8:42 – Arrives in school just in time for registration (a little late, but hey).

8:50 – Settles himself down in the study area, ready to do some proper revision in the form of a past paper.  A friend wants to go to the post office.  Consequently, Bobby goes to the post office with two friends.  No work is completed.

9:50 – Visits a bakery, where a friend wants to buy a cake.  Notes the high prices.  Is asked what he would like to buy by the woman at the counter.  Stammers, “Er, I’m just considering.”  Is asked again about 20 seconds later.  Chooses to buy the cheapest doughnut on the menu.  Woman wraps doughnut and promptly drops it on the floor.  “Whoops, sorry!  Oh well, it’s wrapped…”  Yes, it is, lady.  I see that.  Thanks.

10:38 – Arrives back at school.  Still feels tired.  Decides it’s too close to break to start a past paper.  Friends tell Bobby to get on with some work.  Halfheartedly flicks through a book on Elizabethan Parliament.  No work is completed.

10:50 – Break.  Eats food.  More friends arrive.  No work is completed.

11:10 – Friends pester Bobby with irritating questions.  Bobby’s friends are lovely, but sometimes they can be slightly annoying.  “Yes, I did fall in the river on Saturday night.  No, it was only my left foot, and I pulled it out the water pretty quickly.  No, it was not because I was drunk and stoned at the time.  No, I was not drunk and stoned at the time!  No, you did not pee on me.  No, you were some way downstream.  Yes, I did change my trousers afterwards.  And showered, FYI.”  No work is completed.

12:10 – All friends go to lessons.  Bobby attempts to finally get this past paper done, without interruptions, under exam conditions.

12:13 – Goes and plays a couple of games of table football with some Year 12 boys.  Bobby’s team loses.

12:30 – Sits back down and attempts to get his past paper done, without interruptions, under exam conditions.  Pen runs out.  Small quantity of work completed.

1:10 – Lunch time.  Friends return and mock the lack of work completed.  General socialising.  No work completed.

2:10 – Attends registration.

2:25 – Attends History lesson, Period 5.  Teacher allows class to get on with revision.  A classmate decides to engage the teacher and the rest of the class in a philosophical discussion of such diverse topics as Israel, Islam, Catholic schools, teenage pregnancy, British and American foreign policy, and terrorism.  This is highly distracting.

3:25 – Period 5 ends.

3:27 – Hastily writes a conclusion to his past paper essay and forces it into the hands of a fast escaping teacher, asking if she would mind marking it.  The essay consists of just over a side of A4 lined paper.  Bobby goes home in the pouring rain.

3:48 – Arrives home and almost immediately remembers that he hasn’t booked the recording studio for tomorrow’s Music Tech recording, and his friend is coming into school specially.  Turns around and runs back, wearing a coat this time, not that it does him much good given how heavy the rain now is.

4:00 – Arrives back at school, only slightly short of breath.  Enters music block and asks the first person he sees where his teacher is.  The person has no idea.  Bobby asks another teacher, who says Bobby’s teacher just left a minute ago.  Bobby sprints to the car park, desperately calling his teacher’s name, because Bobby is short sighted and it’s hard to see anything in this weather.  A man at the far end of the car park who was just closing his car door from the inside opens it slightly and pokes his head out.  Bobby runs over and asks if he can book the recording studio.  Teacher says yes, but advises Bobby to come in early tomorrow to make sure.  Bobby thanks teacher and leaves.  Teacher drives off.

I can’t remember what time it was I got home, but by that time I was soaked through.

So yeah.  I think I have a problem motivating myself to get any work done.  See what I mean about not being ready for the exam?




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12 01 2009

the doughnut lady is awful! 👿 and that’s what i love about school, you don’t have to do what you plan to and it’s still okay! (well, till the exam date looms and you start to panic, hehe.)

12 01 2009

Yeah, I wasn’t a huge fan of doughnut lady myself!

School has a pretty relaxed attitude, all things considered, doesn’t it? It must be because nobody’s paying you to do any work there!

I don’t think I’ll actually panic until I get in the exam hall. Then I’ll be panicking like whoa.

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