Chapter 85 – Sightseeing

12 01 2009


Location: East London
Mood: tired but relaxed
Music: none

Drove out to the City today. Megan’s right, we can’t sit around indoors all day. While we’re stuck in London we might as well treat it as a holiday! Well, a budget holiday, since we’re still not sure about cash points, but we’ve been doing some sightseeing.

Mainly we’ve been seeing the outside of buildings, actually. It amazes me how you have to pay to go anywhere these days. Did you know you have to pay to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral? And it’s a church!

Sightseeing’s not really my thing, to be honest. I mean, some of these old buildings look pretty cool, but I don’t see what’s so great about them. Johnny keeps going on about their history, but that just sends the rest of us to sleep. He’s a nice guy, but ever so slightly otak.

Can tell Megan enjoyed today’s outing. She’s been in a really good mood all day, which I think everyone was glad of. Lately she’s been so depressed. And irritating, no offence to her, but I never thought a person could be so emoey! Did you see that song she posted to her blog? “I only want to break the skin”? What the hell? When we tried asking her about it, she only said that it was something she had to write and nobody was supposed to read it. So why did she put it online for the world to see?

Never got the impression she was an especially whiny person, and Bradley says she’s not normally like this at all. All the same, I know I’ll sound really harsh saying this, but she really has been nearly unbearable these past days. I mean, we’re all under a lot of stress right now, it’s not like she’s the only one. So we were all relieved she was back to her usual cheerful, bubbly self today. At the moment we’re all feeling reasonably optimistic that this will be over soon. We just need to decide the right course of action.




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