Chapter 82 – the rant

5 01 2009

Did I mention they’re on the run?

I feel like I should apologise, because this chapter is a pretty abrupt shift.  It has been planned from the beginning, however.  In a way, the entire story up to this point has been leading up to this.

One thing I wanted to explore here was the question of how much you write about on a blog.  Blogging is something we do of our own choice, so are we obligated to tell people everything about our lives?  Is it anyone’s business?  Bradley has finally decided to tell her readers everything she thinks is significant, but I realise a lot of questions remain unanswered, and this probably raises at least as many questions as it answers.  All will be explained eventually!

This was written a relatively long time in advance, and it was long after finishing it that I realised how closely it resembles a certain classic lonelygirl15 video.  This was not intentional, but there was probably some subconscious influence there.  In any case, I liked the title too much to change it.


It snowed today, but sadly not enough to cause school to be closed.  Everything feels back to normal, more or less.  It’s cold, teachers keep having a go at us over revision, I’ve already managed to irritate my most grudge-holding friend, I’ve had an extremely nerdy conversation about science fiction, anime and video games with my geekiest friend, and I almost fell asleep from boredom in History class.




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6 01 2009

That certainly was a lot going on there, alright! 😉
Yes, indeed—what DO we really reveal on a blog? Not even our names, some of us. 😕
It snowed here, too! It hardly ever does; so pretty! Geeks are good! Nerds are nifty!
It’s time for me to sleep…perhaps I should read a little History?!? 😀

6 01 2009

A lot can happen in the space of 5 days!

I think it’s very interesting the way people have differing levels of anonymity and familiarity over the Internet. I’ve known people to use the same screen name everywhere, post photos of themselves, use their real names, and generally make it extremely obvious who they are. Then other people (such as me) prefer to just be a faceless name and personality! I don’t think either is right or wrong, but it probably says something about attitudes and personalities.

Wow, that must be quite unusual for it to snow where you live! Yes, snow is very pretty. It’s a pain to walk on it once it freezes over, though!

Aye, it’s great to be a geek!

Be sure to chose something especially dry, that ought to do the trick. Or get my history teacher to tell you about it; that will send you to sleep in no time.

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