Chapter 94 – the rant

31 01 2009

I’m honestly not sure which character I agree with.  I sympathise with both sides of the argument!


I saw Underworld: Rise of the Lycans the other day.  That being the first time I’ve gone to the cinema with a group of male, nerdy friends for several months.

I enjoyed it, but in all honesty, it’s no more the type of film I’d normally watch than Twilight was.  The basic concept is essentially vampires versus werewolves, which is, I will admit, genius.  Two of the scariest, most awesome mythical creatures in a dramatic battle.  As a concept, it’s pure win.

The movie is a prequel to a movie I’ve never watched, so it took me a little while to follow it, but there’s just enough exposition that I could work out what was what without much trouble.  It also naturally ended with a cliffhanger, so I should probably watch the original some time.

To be honest, though, I more enjoyed spending time with my friends – my male, nerdy friends – than I enjoyed the movie itself.  It was by far the most violent movie I’ve ever watched, and while fantasy violence and bloodshed doesn’t bother me, neither do I find it as amusing as most of my friends seem to find it.  One of my friends afterwards said that he was dissappointed that it wasn’t gorier(!), but I thought there was quite enough gore, thank you very much.

I did like the way they handled the romance side of the story; the directors clearly know their audience well.  All too often, directors will throw in an unwanted romance subplot under the misguided impression that it adds depth to the story, but here it was entirely relevant to the main plot, while thankfully managing not to dominate the movie (because, let’s face it, nobody goes to see an action movie for the romance).

So anyway, not entirely my cup of tea, but if you’re looking for a decent fantasy action movie to watch with mates, you could do a lot worse.

*Sigh.*  I’m not very good at being “blokey”, am I?


Chapter 94 – Making Plans

30 01 2009


Location: the farmhouse
Mood: thinking
Music: Variation no 7: Hip Hop ~ Amadeity

Sup guys? Been discussing what to do next. We’ve been here for over two weeks now, so I think it’s time we were making plans to move on. Longer we stay here, longer we’re putting ourselves and the farm people at risk. Not sensible to hang about like this when the police could drop by any day now. We’re going to be found out eventually. Besides, it sucks being stuck indoors all the time. We really need to keep moving.

Unfortunately, it’s been difficult convincing the others. Well, that’s not quite right. Specifically, it’s been difficult convincing one of the others, who’s been insisting that we’re safe here, that we’d be ungrateful to leave now after Tom was so kind to invite us in, that Megan needs to stay here because she’s still recovering, and so on.

Which is a pile of crap. We’re not safe anywhere, and the longer we stay in one place, the sooner we’ll be found, especially since this farm isn’t exactly isolated. Chances are someone will spot us and recognise us sooner or later, and that’s if the police don’t find us first. And it’s not ungrateful to leave after we’ve been here for a couple of weeks. If anything, we’ll be pushing it if we stay around much longer, because there can only be so much cleaning in one house, right? Four housekeepers has got to be excessive. We don’t want to outstay our welcome. And as for Megan, she herself says that she’s feeling a lot better now than she did, and her burn is a lot less visible, and she’s still got enough ointment left to last her at least a couple of months. Not trying to be insensitive or impatient here, I’m just being practical. Megan herself agrees with me.

I’m hoping we’re going to get moving within the next week, the sooner the better, I reckon.

Chapter 93 – the rant

28 01 2009

Honorine Blanchard is yet another new character.

♫ Feed the birds!  Tuppence a bag! ♪

Ah, nostalgia.  Who got that reference?


My copy of Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 1: Orientation finally arrived just the other day.  I love it!  It’s so glossy and shiny and new!  I’m reading it very carefully, because it’s so pristine and perfect that I don’t want it to get out of shape.  Don’t you just love a brand new hardback?

Incidentally, if you don’t read Gunnerkrigg Court, I urge you to do so.  Right now.  It’s my absolute favourite comic.  If you’re not as obsessive a fan as I am, you don’t even have to buy it, since all the strips so far are viewable free online on the official website, starting here.

Chapter 93 – Canards et Cygnes

28 01 2009


Whenever I find myself with nothing to do, or feel stressed, or upset, I always go down to the park and stand by the lake, and watch the birds on the water. There are always coots or moorhens. Usually mallards, sometimes geese or swans, too. Occasionally a heron or a bittern. I like the swans the best. They’re so beautiful, and so graceful.

When I was very small, my mother would often take me to feed the ducks. It would cheer me up if I was feeling sad, and calm me down if I was making trouble. Even if the weather was cold and wet, I would wrap up warm and visit the ducks in the rain. Who’d have thought that tearing up dried bread could be so much fun? Back then, it seemed like the most blissful thing in the world.

Chapter 92 – the rant

26 01 2009

All work and no television would make Johnny a dull boy.

Steel Radar Fury is a science fiction, New South Avenue is a soap opera, and Bella & Bethany is a variety show that almost everyone in Johnny’s world watches.

The Mets are a real British baseball team (the London Meteorites, not the Metropolitan Police).  The Hercynia Halberdiers are fictional, though.

If this chapter seems to portray baseball in a less-than-flattering light, please bear in mind that very few people in the present day UK care about the sport, so Johnny’s interest suggests that it is more popular in the world of the story than it is in real life.  In the real world, British baseball is actually experiencing a decline in popularity.

British baseball has slightly different rules from regular baseball, but in the world of the story, I think they play by the American rules.


Gong xi fa cai!

Chapter 92 – Paint and television

26 01 2009


Well, this has certainly been an interesting month. In the space of a few weeks, I have been taken in for questioning by the police, escaped from a burning police station, been threatened at gunpoint, ran away from home, become a fugitive, survived a car crash and been attacked by a monster.

Compared to all that, this last week has been a welcome change. We haven’t been attacked, threatened, or pursued for eleven days now. Under the circumstances, I’d say that’s pretty good going.

The four of us spent much of the weekend repainting the front hall and living room. I’ve never really done any decorating before, but it’s easy enough. It does get dull after a while though.

But hey, I’m not complaining. After all, here we have access to the greatest cure for boredom: a television! Nothing like “Steel Radar Fury” or “Bella & Bethany” to alleviate the tedium of cleaning and decorating. Maybe I could have done without “New South Avenue” (yawn!), but Bradley and Megan like it, so it’s only fair that they got to see it.

I’m especially glad I got to see the Haberdiers beat the Mets on Saturday! Even if it meant enduring Iaru, Bradley and Tom’s jibes about baseball not being a ‘real’ sport. Hmph! But then, they let me watch it, which was nice, especially since it meant I was hogging the TV for about 3 hours! I had been resigned to not being able to see it.

Chapter 91 – the rant

24 01 2009

It’s midnight.  I am so behind schedule with this.  Sorry!

You know, I thought once the main plot kicked off, this would get easier to write.  I think it’s actually gotten more difficult.