Chapter 77 – I don’t believe it!

29 12 2008


I’m stunned. You know how I sold that rock to Birrow Fletcha the other day? Well, right after that, apparently the police raided his house and confiscated it as “dangerous”.

Remember how the police searched my house a while back? They didn’t find anything then, but then I’d hidden the rock pretty well, along with all the other stuff that had been on my windowsill, because I saw that burglar reaching for it and thought it might not be safe to keep it visible.

Now I’m wondering, though – was the rock dangerous? How could it be? Is it radioactive or something? Or are the police just being incompetent as usual?

I don’t know, but something’s definitely fishy here.




One response

1 01 2009

Golly, I hope the rock didn’t scramble your brain, or something, while you had it! I wonder what the police were after. It may be just as well they realize you don’t have it anymore. Still, you must be VERY curious what that’s all about!

johnny07: Do think anyone would notice if it did? 😉 Yes, I’m definitely curious, although I’m sure I’ll never know. Speaking of the police, some just pulled up outside. Wonder what they’re up to.

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