Chapter 76 – About the “alien” rock

27 12 2008


Just thought I’d let you know – the rock is sold! I met Mr. Fletcha at lunch time today in D’Wighta’s, since he insisted that the sale be made in person and in a public place. Weird. But that’s done now.

Fletcha’s a strange bloke. He seemed a nice enough guy, just… strange. He was wearing kinda old fashioned looking clothing – a woolly hat, a leather coat and a fleecy sweater. He kept glancing around the room, as though he was looking for someone.

Anyway, I’m very happy with the deal, and he seemed extraordinarily happy with the rock – well, I guess he would be, since according to him it’s from outer space.

Now I need to work out what to spend this cash on. Time to get myself a late Christmas present or two, I think!




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28 12 2008

are you sure you got a good deal for the rock? how much did you sell it for? what can you buy with what you’ve got? *nosy*

johnny07: I got €50,000 for it. That’s not bad going at all, right?

Put it this way – I’m rich.

1 01 2009

Wow! That must have been some rock! I’m glad you’ve got some extra cash, good for you (Care to buy me a pint?) 😉 I’m glad you no longer have the rock, actually, since—I don’t know, it might have caused you some grief in the end. Now, make some wise investments, and don’t party too much, hey!

johnny07: I know! I’m so happy about it. Sure, come over to England and I’ll buy you a pint! 🙂 I guess if it really is dangerous, I’m better off well away from it. I’ll be careful, I promise!

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