Chapter 75 – the rant

26 12 2008

Iaru’s generally a pretty relaxed guy, but he’s under more stress here than he lets on.


 A Matter of Loaf and Death was good fun, as Wallace & Gromit shorts generally are.  I love the creativity and the attention to detail.

After that I watched The Royle Family Christmas special.  It was good fun, although rather more absurd than is usual for The Royle Family.  It was quite farcical at times, actually.

This morning I went to see a mummers play outside Gloucester Cathedral.  The mummers play is an English folk tradition, and it was therefore fitting that it was preceded by some morris dancing.  Sadly, mummers plays and morris dancing are becoming increasingly rare nowadays.  I like folk traditions, so I’d be sad to see them die out, but then, there’s no way I’m ever doing any morris dancing, and I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way.

My parents are hosting a smallish Christmas party tomorrow – I say smallish because more and more old friends seem to be being invited, so it may end up being quite a large party.  I’ve just been asked to compile a Christmas CD, which is supposed to be (a) upbeat, (b) atypical, (c) feature some traditional songs, and (d) derived from my dad’s CD collection, which, while extensive, has some rather conspicuous absences, my dad being a fan of LPs and more cassettes than I can count.  I think it’s going to be pretty good though.  I’ll do my best!

Current listening: Joni Mitchell, “River”




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27 12 2008
The Totton linnet

Morris farters oops poo 🙂

27 12 2008

Oi! That’s one our country’s longest standing folk tradtions you’re snickering at!

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