Chapter 73 – Merry Xmas Everybody

25 12 2008


blimey, has it been that long since i last posted? and lookee what day it is now!


sorry i haven’t blogged lately. so much crazy stuff has been happening. i’ve been kinda under a lot of pressure, one thing and another, you know.

you know, last weekend i took a delivery from the odd jobs place for a guy called walter, who works at the casino bar. you’ll never guess who i saw working there – jack! who you know as stalker boy. we didn’t make eye contact or acknowledge one another, which is probably as well, but i’m glad to see he’s moved on with his life and got himself a proper job.

poor iaru and his brother have been working really hard lately to pay off a debt to someone. i don’t know anything about the guy, but i gather he’s not somebody you want to mess with. iaru can take care of himself, but i do worry a little about what kind of situation he’s got himself into. i just hope the swords aren’t involved, then there could be real trouble.

anyway, it’s not all doom and gloom here, i’m going to dawn’s christmas party this afternoon, which should be awesome, they usually are. everybody goes, and there’s food, drink, music, and lots of fun.




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