Chapter 72 – the rant

24 12 2008

I haven’t done any school-related activity so far these holidays.  I am unlikely to do any tomorrow.  January exams should be interesting.

Food pills got another mention this chapter, so you know they’re still about.

When you have a special occasion like Christmas, it’s a reasonable assumption that all the characters will be celebrating it in some shape or form, which equates to multiple Christmas chapters.

Incidentally, I considered having Johnny wish everyone Happy Holidays instead, in the interest of political correctness, but nobody says that in the UK, and I figured that the holiday could become more commercialised and less religious over time, so that by the time this story is set, it’s a secular festival.


It almost feels like Christmas already.  We had relatives round today.  They ate with us, we pulled crackers, and there’s a tremendous amount of washing up still to do.

Current listening – Fleet Foxes, “Your Protector”



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24 12 2008

Probably the notion of what is “political correctness” will change as well. Oh, boy, crackers! We had them last year, and I had to EXPLAIN them to people; can you imagine?
What was your motto? Your funny hat?
I wish you a very happy holiday season, incorporating, of course, Christmas, B0bby! It continues to be a joy to read your blog. 🙂

24 12 2008
The Totton linnet

Merry Christmas BG and family. peace and joy 🙂

25 12 2008

That’s true. In Hercynia, people don’t really distinguish between different ethnicities or sexual orientations, in the same way that we do in the present day, so that would probably result in quite different perceptions of what is or isn’t politically correct, for example.

We have crackers every year, it’s kind of a tradition. I gather they’re not so popular in America. It amuses me to think that to someone unfamiliar with the tradition it must sound like a very politically incorrect term for a white Santa, or maybe a biscuity thing to be eaten with cheese! 🙂

The crackers don’t typically contain mottos; generally they contain very bad jokes. Mine was:

Q. Where are the Andes?
A. At the end of the Armies!

We get that one every year.

Happy holidays and merry Christmas, Muse. Thank you very much, it is likewise a joy to read your blog, and an honour to have you as a reader! 😀

25 12 2008

Merry Christmas GD! Peace and joy to you too! 😀

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