Chapter 70 – the rant

22 12 2008

I had a lot of fun with this chapter, as if it wasn’t obvious.

Everything’s better with rollerskating penguin princesses and ninja monkeys.


I swear, if you don’t vacuum the carpet every day, it just sort of fuses with the fluff and dust.  *sigh*

Still, I’m going out to eat dinner with friends today, which should be cool.  There, that’s a blessing.

Current listening: Eminem, “Stan”




2 responses

24 12 2008

A story within a story within a blogpost within a blog! Layers upon layers of intrigue and suspense.
As for the carpet…indeed. A neverending chore.
Your link {hmm, how shall I say it} opened new doors for me. 🙂

25 12 2008

Layers of metafictional silliness, anyway. Fourth walls – who needs ’em? 🙂

You want to be careful with the TV Tropes Wiki. It’s quite brilliant, but it’s oh so easy to waste a lot of time there.

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