Chapter 69 – the rant

20 12 2008

I only remembered this morning that sulz had done a very similar post not all that long ago.  So everyone will think I ripped it off.  Sorry sulz!  (Read her post, it’s better!)

So, this guy.  You’ve heard of him before.

I may not have all the same things Iaru has, but I have far too many blessings to count.  I’ll remember that next time I’m feeling gloomy.


Today has mainly been tidying the house ready for Christmas.  I’m always astounded by how messy the place seems to get each year!

It’s weird not having any Saturday TV shows to watch, but we’re into the Christmas programming now.




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21 12 2008

lol, i’m over that joke about me being your muse. :mrgreen: thanks for the link love though! 🙂

wow, you help clean the house? i couldn’t even be bothered to clean my room this time of the year which i usually do… hoping to move into the new room quicker that way. 😛

21 12 2008

You’re welcome. It’s getting to be any excuse to link to you these days, isn’t it? :mrgreen:

Yeah, Christmas time is all hands on deck here. You’re moving rooms, though, so you don’t really need to clean your old room, do you? 🙂

22 12 2008

Yes, the telly is all Christmas (almost) all the time these days. I am usually ready to, um, let go of the themed programs by about 23 1/2 December. I HAVE heard of the one of which you write! Nice, something from HIS perspective.
I have read sulz’s post, and it is excellent. Yours is very good, however, as well! Counting ones blessings is a quite worthwhile exercise. I wish many more for you during this holiday time. 🙂

22 12 2008

There are a few Christmas programmes I’m going to have to watch (Wallace & Gromit, The Royle Family, Doctor Who), but apart from that I agree with you.

I’m going to show the perspectives of several other characters over the course of the story. It was never supposed to just be about Johnny, Bradley and Megan.

Thank you very much. 🙂 I wish you many blessings this season as well!

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