Chapter 68 – the rant

17 12 2008

Thanks to sulz and museditions for advising Johnny.


The season finale of The Sarah Jane Adventures was epic and awesome.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Yes, it is silly in places, but at it’s best, it’s every bit as excellent as Doctor Who.

Tuesday’s Survivors was a rather bleak episode, but still very good.  I’ve decided that Tom is quite scary.  Next week’s episode is the season finale.  Judging by the preview, it’s going to be quite something.

Today’s Heroes was good.  I notice they seem to be creating a situation similar to that of series 1, presumably because that’s what fans preferred.  I wonder how this week’s cliffhangers will resolve themselves.  I hope we find out next week, otherwise we’ll be waiting until February.




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18 12 2008

You are welcome. Johnny seems a good sort.
Sarah Jane! Sarah Jane! Sarah Jane! {Do you think they heard my plaintive cry?}
I think Heroes has taken a decidedly nasty turn I don’t like at all—but I’m a week ahead of you, so that’s all I’m saying. 😉

18 12 2008

I think Johnny’s a good sort. Are you not suspicious of him anymore, then? 🙂

I hope they heard you. Doctor Who has quite a large fanbase, for a British franchise, doesn’t it? So it seems likely that it will be shown in the US.

That’s ominous regarding Heroes. I’m quite apprehensive now…

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