Chapter 68 – My decision

17 12 2008


Thank you, guys, for the advice regarding the “alien” rock. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought.

Sulz suggested that I research the rock first. I haven’t had any luck there, although I’ve tried all sorts of books and the Internet.

Museditions suggested that I investigate the guy responsible a little. I’ve had more luck there. His name is Birrow Fletcha, and his hobby is buying and collecting rare and unusual items, so I guess he’s probably legit.

I decided to take you guys’ advice, and treat the offer with caution. I mailed Fletcha a picture of the rock, and he said it was exactly what he’s looking for. He offered to buy it off me, but I haven’t said yes yet. I’m thinking on it.

I can’t believe we’re so close to the end of term! We have exams in January, and I’ve hardly started my revision. I’m not even confident I learnt half this stuff in the first place, so I won’t be so much revising it as teaching myself.

On the bright side, we break up for the winter holidays on Friday, which can only be a good thing! I’m looking forward to the Christmas celebrations!




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18 12 2008

You’re welcome for the advice! I’m glad you are taking it slowly with the rock. It seems odd that there isn’t any info. on it; it’s either very rare or very secret. Whatever you decide to do, please be careful ❗
Do enjoy your winter break, and good wishes to you in your studies!

johnny07: That’s a good point – I was worried the lack of info meant it was probably worthless! But it’s nice to think it might be rare. I’ll be careful, I promise. You look after yourself, too!
Thank you very much, happy holidays!

18 12 2008

good on you for being cautious. it’s always better to think twice, especially when you have the upper hand. 😉 hope you get a small fortune from selling it in the end! unless there’s an unexpected twist..

johnny07: Thanks to you! I’m determined not to be swindled!

Unexpected twist? I hope not. You make my life sound like a story or something!

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