An Award and Some Festive Cheer

17 12 2008

Hello, ladies and gentlefellows, and welcome to the first non-story-related post in a while!

First up today, sulz has awarded me this trophy:


Yay!!  Thank you very much, sulz!

The cup rewards volume.  In turn, I award it to Gentledove in recognition of the sheer quantity of thoughtful, witty and beautiful poetry to be found on her blogs, and

I said previously that I’d been a bit of a jerk lately – not that anybody seems to have noticed – so on Tuesday, I was determined to be nice to everyone, and not be mad at anyone.  Everybody immediately noticed that I was happier than I have been lately, although they thought I’d been terrified, not grumpy!  I think I only have five facial expressions: happy, sad, confused, scared and occasionally disgusted (generally speaking, confused is my default expression).

My resolution to not be angry with anyone was tested somewhat by an acquaintance of mine who was being – as usual – exceedingly annoying, and surpassed himself on Tuesday by jumping on my back without warning, falling off, knocking into two of my friends in the process, and then – ignoring my friends’ complaints and distressed noises – proceeding to rant at me for being lousy at giving piggybacks.  In fairness, though, he has been made aware that his behaviour irritates people, and is making an effort to be less annoying, bless him.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling a lot happier these past couple of days.  I gave everyone cards, and we’ve been eating chocolate and generally feeling more festive than usual.  We’re going for a meal on Monday, which should be cool, although it will also be expensive.

Tomorrow after school I will be attending the Sixth Form “Snow Ball” (ho ho, how very droll), a semi-formal excuse for alcohol for which all guests are required to wear suits.  I haven’t got a suit, but never mind, I’ll improvise something.  Probably something resembling my walrus costume.  Probably without drinking straws, although I suppose they could come in handy.

So, this seems like an appropriate time to wish you a very happy festive season, whether or not you celebrate Christmas.  Have fun!

Current listening: We Are Scientists, “This Scene Is Dead”.




7 responses

17 12 2008

welcome! 🙂 and congrats to gentledove!

you sound like keanu reeves. :mrgreen: mean, he’s famous for having very few facial expressions in his movies too.

oh yeah, the walrus suit would always be a tad bit more snazzy than a penguin suit. 😉

17 12 2008

Haha, Keanu Reeves, eh? I don’t think so, since his problem is that his expression hardly changes. Mine can change in the blink of an eye, it’s just limited. My friends tell me that whenever I try to glare at anyone, I either look like I’m disgusted, or like I’m coming on to them! 😯 I’ve taken to informing people, “I’m glaring right now.”

Snazzy sounds good. I wouldn’t mind looking snazzy. 🙂 I figured I should just wear something passably suit-like (suitable?) so that they’ll let me in the place!

18 12 2008

B.G. I’m totally humble crumbled, wha’doIdo wha’doIdo? do I have to pass it on, what? I’m so useless at things like this. You know your friend whose a jerk? I used to be like that-and I still get moments-man he likes you- that’s why he leaps on you, you have to encourage him to express his affection in more gentle ways. Bobby it’s too late now but you could have got a kilt wha-hey. sexy

18 12 2008

If you wear that walrus suit again, I want to see pictures. You could show from the neck down if you wish to remain incognito.
I don’t actually think you ought to come on to a person if they disgust you! (Sorry, you know I’m deliberately misunderstanding your reply to sulz for my own amusement.) 😛
And goodness, grumpy=terrified to some? You are a complicated individual. As for your friend who jumped upon you: all I can say is no one better do that to me unless they mean business! 😉 Aww, cards and chockies, aren’t you nice!
Congratulations on the award, B0bby. It is well deserved; your output is astounding.
Best holiday wishes back at you! 🙂

18 12 2008

@ G.D.: You don’t have to do anything, but I thought it might be a nice thing to decorate your blog with. 🙂 You don’t have to award it to anyone if you don’t want to.

Well, he’s not really my friend and he’s not really a jerk. He doesn’t normally leap on me. Normally he just slaps or kicks me, and makes stupid comments all the time. And I think he’s scared of behaving affectionately towards males in case we think he’s gay (he’s extremely homophobic). He is trying to be less annoying at the moment, though, so I should stop having a go at him.

Don’t think a kilt hasn’t been suggested! But I think you need to actually be Scottish to pull that look off.

@ Muse: I’m unlikely to wear the walrus suit again, sorry. I just meant it will probably end up resembling it.

No, I think it’s me: I look terrified when I’m feeling grumpy. I’m more complicated than my limited expressions suggest, that’s for sure!

I think he thinks he’s a closer friend than he actually is. I bet you’d put a stop to his nonsense, wouldn’t you? You would be having none of it, I’m sure. 😉

I can be nice. I like being nice. 🙂

Thank you very much! Best holiday wishes! 😀

18 12 2008

Oh BG I am fuming with my heap of crap computer because I can’t seem to access my pics where the trophy is so for the moment at least I can’t upload [I get so mad because it just decides to change things] I wanted to nominate Teckline, he is so sweet and helpful grrrrrr-I can’t rip the front of my pc off in rage because I did that last week, nothing in this world makes me angry but my computer hehe I am on my 4th mouse too and that is held together with sticky tape grrrr 🙂 I feel better now

19 12 2008

Oh dear, technology can be a real pain sometimes, can’t it? Feel free to relieve your stress here, it’s probably a better plan than destroying your hardware and peripherals. 😉

Have you tried simply copying the image and pasting it into your blog? That works.

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