Chapter 67 – the rant

15 12 2008

But how will Clouds do any Christmas shopping when she’s not allowed out after school?

Music Tech recording seldom goes this smoothly in my experience, but when it does, it feels very rewarding.  Choosing the right mic for the task is a very important aspect of recording.  I prefer condenser mics over dynamics, myself.  They pick up a lot more.


I haven’t seen The Sarah Jane Adventures finale yet, but that’s what iPlayer is for, right?

I have, however, got into a new web series, called With the Angels.  It’s much more grounded in reality than LG15: the resistance, but so far it seems very intelligent and interesting, and the characters seem more “real”.  Whether I like it better than the awesome KateModern in the long run remains to be seen.

I’ve had a tiring day, and I’ve gotten quite annoyed with people over things that weren’t really anybody’s fault.  I’ve realised that I’m being a jerk (that’s the nice word for it).  That all stops now.  I’m going to be full of festive cheer tomorrow at school, I’ll make sure of it!  Some people are in need of cheering up.




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15 12 2008

what, they don’t do online shopping?? 😛

sometimes you get in an irritable mood where everybody is a nuisance. don’t worry, i don’t think people will hold it against you. i’m surprised, though. bobby has a little mean streak! :mrgreen:

16 12 2008

Maybe clouds will do what I do then, and not do it. 😉
New Web series’ — Thanks for the references!
I’m sorry you’re feeling tired and annoyed. I didn’t realize you were a jerk…no sign of it on the blog. 😦 I am very cranky if I don’t get enough sleep. Seems pretty important to do. Please report on how you did festive-wise.

16 12 2008

@ Sulz: Thank you! You just fixed a plot hole! 😀 D’oh, silly me, of course they have online shopping.

Sometimes it’s tricky not to be irritable, though, isn’t it? I hope nobody thinks I’m grumpy, I don’t think anyone does. Nobody’s been outwardly mad at me, but nobody corrected me when I said I’d been being a d**k earlier, either…

It’s not much of a mean streak, but it’s there, I’m afraid!

@ Muse: Well, that’s one solution to that problem, I suppose! Don’t you celebrate Christmas, then? Or do you just not like commercial Christmas?
You’re welcome! With The Angels began recently, and is thusfar very good. KateModern finished a while ago; that one takes a while to get started, but in my opinion is worth sticking with.

Yes, sleep is important. I think I fail at being a jerk, though. First thing anyone commented this morning was that I seemed really happy, and that it was cute, and that it was a nice change that I didn’t look terrified for once. 😆 So apparently when I’m irritable, my friends think I’m scared!

18 12 2008

I semi-celebrate; I just don’t care for shopping and have made deals with most of my peeps to have meals together rather than exchange gifts. It works well. 🙂

18 12 2008

That seems sensible. That’s similar to what my friends are doing, actually, although I’m still buying gifts for my family.

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