Chapter 67 – Guitar and Bass: Recorded!

15 12 2008


I booked the recording room for two hours today, during a free lesson and during lunch, and I got both my guitar and bass parts recorded for my music technology course!

I recorded the bass part first. The bassist was a little overconfident, and the first few of takes he kept the first notes of the chorus wrong. However, when I pointed that out to him, he played it all through perfectly from start to finish! Yay!

The guitar part took a bit longer. When the guitarist came in, he was really nervous, and he kept making mistakes. You could tell he was trying his best, though. After a bit, though, he got into his stride, and by the end of the lunch break I had plenty of good takes to choose from, so I should be able to put together a perfect continuous guitar track.

Now I can record the vocal track. That should be easy enough, since I know two people who have volunteered – maybe I can use both their talents! I’ll need to think carefully about what kind of mic would sound best. But I’ve got all the holidays to think about that!

Ah, the holidays. They’re so soon!




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16 12 2008

It’s amazing how important confidence is-I know chords but my playing sucks out loud, but people don’t seem to notice 😮 [too much] and until someone good comes along. – –

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Confidence is a big part of performing, isn’t it? That’s why I could never sing! I think if you can play an instrument at all, lots of people are impressed, since not everyone can play at all. Also, I notice all the best artists put themselves down a lot, so you’re probably better than you give yourself credit for!

16 12 2008

Congratulations! It must be a relief to have gotten that done, and so well, too! Sounds like you were nice to the guitarist, and you both got through it. I’m sure he really wanted to help. 🙂

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Thank you! You bet it’s a relief!

I had to be nice to the guitarist, because the only thing wrong with his playing was his lack of self-confidence. And I know all about not having self-confidence!

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