Chapter 66 – the rant

14 12 2008

Bradley is tired, and so am I.  I had meant to get a much earlier night than this.


The LG15: the resistance season finale was awful.  They pay no regard to characterisation or continuity, and they apply a retcon that taints not only the entire series, but also all of lonelygirl15 since the gang went to Zavalla.  Ugh.

Fortunately, the Merlin season finale, in contrast, was thoroughly enjoyable.  Merlin has grown a lot as a character over the course of this series, and it really showed in this episode.

I’ve also seen the Heroes episode “The Eclipse Part 2”.  Hell of an episode.  Some of the characterisation was a bit odd, but that’s Heroes for ya.  The Haitian was awesome, as always, and the comic book store scene was pure genius.




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15 12 2008

Meeee Toooo!
Now that it’s over, I’ll watch LG15. Thanks for the link! Still on the lookout for Merlin; and yeah, wasn’t that Heroes something? Loved the comic shop, too. It seems things are bit more back to…normal after the eclipse, although what’s normal for this crew?

15 12 2008

Is tiredness contagious? I know yawning is.
If you want to subject yourself to LG15: the resistance, fair enough. If you didn’t watch any of the series the resistance was spun off from (lonelygirl15), then the ending probably won’t annoy you in the same way, but it’ll probably be confusing. I thought it was a terrible series.

Yeah, in Heroes we seem to be getting back to “normal”, if such a situation ever existed in that show.

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