Chapter 65 – Moral Dilemma

10 12 2008


I was reading an ad the other day by some guy who was looking to buy “alien artefacts”. He said he was willing to pay quite a lot for them, and he included some pictures of the type of thing he was looking for. Now, normally I would just ignore a silly advert like that, but one of the pictures looked exactly like this weird rock I found a while back. I’ve just been hanging onto it because it looked cool, but I never guessed it could be worth something!

There is a slight dilemma here, though – I don’t believe in aliens. Well, I believe in the idea of life on other planets, but I find the concept of space travelling creatures ridiculous. I’ve heard plenty of stories about alien visitors or abductors or invaders, but nothing to convince me that such creatures actually exist. So I’d feel bad about the idea of scamming a guy out of money in return for a slightly funky looking rock. I mean, I know it’s his money, and he can spend it on whatever he chooses, but all the same, it feels morally wrong.

What do you guys think? Should I sell it to him? I could really use some more cash, but I can’t make up my mind what to do here!




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10 12 2008

maybe he really does know his stuff about alien artefacts, even if you don’t believe in it? in which case you’re not cheating him at all. i think if you don’t mind parting with your rock, sell it to him and maybe donate some of the money to a good cause to ease your conscience a bit. if not, then just keep the rock for the sake of not feeling bad if you do.

johnny07: This aliens stuff just seems so unlikely, though! But good point. When you put it that way, it’s not cheating him!

Thank you for the advice!

11 12 2008

I agree with that “person with the “lips”, above me. (Who is that? 😉 ) Maybe you should just show him your rock, and see if he’s interested. You could even tell him you’re not at all sure it’s “alien”, and if he still wants it, you’ve done all you can.
On the other hand, one wonders why he wants to pay such a high price for a rock? You might want to get some more info. about who he is; try to investigate a little. And, don’t give away your identity, either—maybe email him a pic of your rock without letting him know who you are? 😕

johnny07: That seems fair. I’ll probably do that. But you think he might not be legit then? Maybe I should be cautious… thank you for the advice!

11 12 2008

oh yeah you should research about your rock. who knows if it’s indeed rare and alieny and could fetch a very high price! in that case this guy might cheat you by offering a low price, if you tell him you’re sceptical about alien artefacts and might think you don’t know anything about it!

i’m an alien – in asia! :mrgreen:

johnny07: I’ve done a bit of research already, over the internet. I couldn’t find anything there. Maybe I should try a library or museum. You’re right, I need to make sure I don’t get swindled!

Cool. Got a space ship?

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