Chapter 64 – the rant

8 12 2008

Evil cultists can be so inconsiderate!  Poor CloudsAreGatheringOverMe was only just growing in confidence and independence, and now look what those guys did!  Jerks.

To be honest, if I were Clouds, I’d rather stay indoors for a bit than have my heart torn out.  Not that the cultists have torn anyone’s heart out, but you get my point.  Thankfully, though, there’s hardly any violent crime where I live.

Incidentally, it gets dark around 4.00 pm at the moment.


Last Saturday’s Merlin was very good; in my opinion, it was one of the best episodes, but then, it was the second last episode.  I still have two more to see, though, because I still haven’t gotten around to seeing last week’s episode.  One thing I’ve noticed about the show is that, while the characters themselves develop over the course of the series, the plot never really seems to advance.  At the end of every episode, all the plotlines have been neatly resolved, and all has returned to normal, ready for next week.

LG15: the resistance is also approaching the end of its first series.  Episode 12 was both incredibly silly and remarkably epic.  There was also a familiar face that lonelygirl15 fans should be happy to see again.

There is another group of fans who have a similar reason to be in a good mood, having seen today’s episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.  It’s good.  And again, the second last of the series.  I’m sensing a pattern here…

Current listening: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, “1812 Overture”.




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9 12 2008

1812 Overture! That’s quite a powerful piece. You have eclectic music tastes; very cool. 🙂 I still can’t find out when SJA will be broadcast over here, but I did read that a third series is to be produced. Yay!

9 12 2008

Yeah, it’s one of just two pieces of music I know that include actual cannon fire! Thank you, I like most music, really.

Yay! That’s news to me about Sarah Jane. Good to have something to look forward to!

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