Chapter 63 – the rant

6 12 2008

This chapter was supposed to be posted earlier in the day, but yesterday was Goodwill Evening in a nearby town, so I went there, forgot to take a house key, lost track of the time, stayed in town much longer than I intended, and ended up spending the night around a friend’s house because it was too late to go back home.  So yeah, I’m an idiot, and I’m lucky to have friends like that.  I wish I wasn’t so absent minded.

I’m really tired now.  I was up really late on Thursday doing last-minute homework, and I must have only gotten about 5 hours of sleep total over the past couple of days.

It was a good evening, anyway.  Some stuff happened that wasn’t so great, but I enjoyed myself most of the time.

I’ve now seen Heroes episode “The Eclipse Part 1”.  Blimey.  I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but I can’t wait for the next episode.

Current listening: Godsmack, “I Stand Alone”.




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7 12 2008

what’s goodwill evening? try to get more sleep now that it’s the weekend! i used to be able to go through the day with that amount of sleep, but that was back in college when i didn’t really need to use my mental faculties all the time, unlike work. 😀 what stuff happened that wasn’t so great?

7 12 2008

Goodwill Evening is (I think) an exclusively Gloucestershire tradition. Several of the nearby towns celebrate their own Goodwill Evenings, one per town, every December. It’s an evening where all the shops are open late. There are Christmas lights and carols and bands playing, and free mulled wine and mince pies if you’re lucky! 😉

What – do you mean you used to only get about 2 and a half hours of sleep every night? 😯 I can’t imagine doing that! I think I’d die…

Oh, a couple of my friends were having relationship drama. Probably best not to go into the details.

7 12 2008

interesting! sounds like a lovely celebration.

oh, i thought you said 5 hours’ sleep! i used to have that much back in college. now that i work, i crash about ten, but wake up five-ish in the morning for some internet time. 😛

7 12 2008

Yes, it’s a lot of fun. Commercial by definition, of course, but lots of fun.

Yeah, but I meant about 5 hours total over the past couple of days – two and a half hours a night! I don’t think I’d be very good at waking up at 5, either!

8 12 2008

I hope you are rested now! I hadn’t heard of Goodwill Evening before, either! It sounds really nice. How much mulled wine did you have? I love mulled wine, mmm. 🙂
Ugh. relationship drama. 😕
Eclipse, pt. 2 is even better! It explains and resolves some things…but then starts up some more mischief! I think it’s the episode I like best this season, so far.

8 12 2008

Semi-rested, yes, thank you. I need to get some more sleep though.

Yeah, it must just be a Gloucestershire tradition. It’s great! 🙂 I only had one free cup of mulled wine in a CD store. Of course, we all ended up down the pub by the end of the evening, but they weren’t selling mulled wine.

Yeah. Their drama really isn’t my business, so I’m going to try to stay out of it, but I’ve no idea what they’ll be like today. I’m apprehensive. 😦

Oh, wow! I’ll look forward to that one even more now! I have a friend who keeps trying to spoil it for me because he says he needs to talk about it with somebody, but if I can wait until Wednesday, so can he. 🙂

8 12 2008

Goodwill evening eh? well I never heard of that, sounds kinda Sally Annish [paroompa pa doompa doo] that’s the trombone 😮 ] 4 months left before the clocks change again, I never hated winter so much as this one, and it’s only just started. Gah they’ve even got stupid snow on W.P. what is WRONG with them. How are you B.G.? 🙂

9 12 2008

Now your comment got held back for moderation, too! 😕

Yep, gotta be a Gloucestershire-only thing. Who’s Sally Anne, and why does she have a trombone?

Oh dear, so you’re not enjoying winter at all then! 😦 I quite like it, although I don’t like feeling cold! Don’t you like the snow effect? I thought it made things a bit more festive. Each to his or her own, I guess. I’m very well, thank you. 🙂 You?

10 12 2008

Oh B.G. it’s so dark and cold and I think we’ll get snow this year, as in big time, Sally Anne, Sally bash, Aunt Sally, you know, The salvation army, pee,eeroompapa [she marches around the room with her tambourine] I’m o.k just being miserable 🙂

11 12 2008

I like the snow, but it has been far too cold of late. There’s black ice all over the pavement when I walk to school in the mornings. And irritating year 12s keep leaving the doors wide open to freeze us all!

Oh, no, Goodwill isn’t very Sally Armyish at all! It’s something the whole town celebrates, and there are live bands playing rock music, and it’s a chance to meet old friends, and an excuse to get drunk.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling miserable, hope you feel better soon! 🙂

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