Chapter 62 – the rant

3 12 2008

It’s a story within a story!  That’s ever so slightly postmodern.

This is a very silly chapter, but I figured it was high time we had some light relief in this story after all the kidnapping and murdering that’s been going on lately.

It’s lucky Clouds didn’t decide to name a character Johnny, or this could have gotten quite confusing.

The regular, bleak storyline will resume next chapter!


Tuesday’s Survivors was a pretty cool episode, although in places it was downright disturbing, as stories of desperate and terrified people often are.  It’s a shame there are only going to be 6 episodes, because this is a really good show.




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4 12 2008

Huh! Like that play within a play, Kiss Me Kate except, well, not! Oh, thank goodness bleak will be back. 😉
Actually I’ve found it more of an intrigue than bleak, but of course murder and kidnapping and all IS a bit bleakish. 🙂
Only six episodes? We’ll not likely get it here, then. 😦 One can always obtain videos from the BBC, I suppose.

4 12 2008

I wonder why it’s holding your comments back for moderation. That’s weird. 😕

Sorry Muse. Next chapter will return to the main story! Well, it’s nice to know you’re intrigued. 🙂

Oh, don’t American networks normally show 6 episode series? I thought those were called mini series in the US? Oh dear, that’s unfortunate. Hopefully it will be successful enough to get exported.

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