Chapter 61 – the rant

1 12 2008

Most music in this story is downloaded, but CDs still exist, as do vinyl LPs.  Hence “hard format”.  Some people, such as Iaru, prefer them.

I’ve still got a lot of schoolwork to be getting on with, so there may be an unusually long delay before the next chapter.  Then again, there may not.  I’ll do my best.


TV update time!  I did manage to find time to watch quite a bit of TV over the weekend, which is probably why so little work has been done.  But then, I said I was lazy.

Survivors episode 2 was much pacier than the first.  Thus far, I think this is one of the best programmes I’ve seen in some time.  It’s very bleak in places, but they do a good job of representing multiple aspects of the human nature, both selfish and caring.

The latest episode of Heroes to be broadcast over here was really strange.  I can tell they’re building up to something big.  Also, I thought the scene with the flammable gas was very cool.

Chapter 11 of LG15: the resistance was kinda strange, too.  The series is fast approaching a climax, and it looks to be very dramatic.  I’m enjoying this show a lot, but I wish Jonas and Sarah would stop being so teenage and immature.

Today’s The Sarah Jane Adventures was very good.  The script was particularly brilliant.  It looks like some more familiar faces will be making an appearance next week.




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2 12 2008

You are not lazy! I will tell you as many times as necessary! All that telly-watching is research! You ARE a media studies student, after all, right? So you’re studying media. 🙂
Do you watch any of the Heroes webisodes? I have not indulged, as yet.
And I’m not speaking to you regarding SJA. Ever. Until the next time. 😉

2 12 2008

Well, believe what you want. I’m grateful and flattered that you are so sure of my not-laziness! Yeah, that’s a good excuse – except I passed Media Studies already. Oh well, thanks for trying! 🙂

No, I haven’t been watching the webisodes, although I don’t know if you can get them in the UK. I don’t know much about them, to be honest.

I promise not to spoil SJA! I promise!

4 12 2008

Thank you! There are some webisodes, graphic novel chapters, and other Heroes-type things here, if you’re interested:

4 12 2008

Thank you! It sure looks like there’s a lot there! When I have some time free, I shall have have to look through that. 🙂

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