Chapter 61 – Life Goes On

1 12 2008


after last tuesday’s nasty shock, the past few days have been kinda quiet. i haven’t felt particularly up to doing much schoolwork.

i think i’m making progress in martial arts. they’ve finally stopped accepting new members into the class, which means we’re finally going to start focussing on new stuff. yay!

work was unusually hectic on saturday. we received a bunch of deliveries that needed sorting, and a few people called in sick, and the boss was in a pretty bad mood. dawn came in to do some extra hours filling in for one of the absent employees, which was cool.

me and iaru stopped by at the music shop after school today, just to see what new releases they had in hard format. i did wonder briefly if i shouldn’t be buying music when christmas is coming up, but i figured nobody’s going to get me a cd anyway. i resisted the temptation to buy the new mike lance album – didn’t want to spend too much – but i did pick up a copy of the new bizzaria cd. well, gotta live up to the username, haven’t i? 😛




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2 12 2008

Yeah, you’re probably still recovering. Sometimes there can be a delayed reaction from shocking situations.
Are you doing any kicking in Martial Arts? I like that the best; makes me feel powerful!
bizzaria—are you a fan? Is that why you have your blog name?

bizzariarox: i guess. i’ve been feeling drained more than anything else though.

yes we do kicking, although we haven’t really started that yet. i’ll look forward to it. 🙂

how did you guess? 😛 bizzaria rocks! i wanted a slightly random username, and i was listening to their first album at the time, so that was the first thing that came into my head.

3 12 2008

funkyloon: Are you ok Bradley? You should get the new Mike Lance, it’s really opti!!

bizzariarox: yeah, i’m fine! you? i already downloaded that album. i haven’t heard it all yet, but it’s really cool so far! 🙂

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