Chapter 60 – the rant

28 11 2008

Aztec gods were some of the scariest ever, all snake heads and necklaces of human hands.

And of course, murder is scary too.  It should be apparent by this point that Hercynia is far from a perfect or safe place to live, but this particular series of attacks has shocked the town through sheer creepiness.


I haven’t seen this week’s Heroes or Survivors yet, but I mean to.  I guess I’ll have plenty of shows to talk about on Monday!

That’s if I get a chance to watch anything over this weekend, with two Music Tech essays and the first draft of my History coursework essay to start and complete.  I mean, finish off.  Because obviously, I’ve started the essay, haven’t I?  Of course I have.


I’m sick of History, actually.  It’s too difficult to keep up with it.  Admittedly, I have, ahem, “missed” a few of the lessons, but they’re just so boring, and I never learn anything when I’m there.  I genuinely like the subject, just not the course or the way it’s being taught.

Anyway, no sense in sitting here whining about it.  I’d better go get on with it!




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29 11 2008

Ah, Heroes. “The Eclipse” part one and part two. I’m still confused, but it is interesting to watch the Heroes attempt to cope. And what’s happened to Hiro (I won’t give it away if you haven’t seen yet) is very cute and amusing.
What is your topic for music tech? Did you finish? Indeed, history CAN be a yawn, depends on the topic and how it’s taught, though…Cheers and best of luck on finishing up!

30 11 2008

I’ve seen part one now. Yep, it’s very confusing, although I didn’t think it was a bad episode. Oh, and – Waffles!

Both the Music Tech essays are on John Barry’s Goldfinger soundtrack. I haven’t started them yet; the History is taking far too long. With the wrong teacher, History isn’t just a yawn, but a snore. And snoring in class is a very bad idea!

Thanks for the luck! 🙂

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