Chapter 58 – the rant

24 11 2008

But what of the guitarist, Clouds?  Won’t he be perfect as well?

“Squee,” for the uninformed, represents the (stereo)typical fangirlish squeal.  In other words, Clouds thinks the lead actor and actress are hot.

You know, if Minutes 2 were a real movie, I bet it would be an instant success.  I mean, if Clouds is to be believed, it’s got action, it’s got a witty script, and it’s got eye candy of both genders.  Something for everyone!

And they could subtitle it “Midnight”, and then it would be called Minutes 2: Midnight.  No?  Never mind.

Have you noticed the tags under the story posts?  Normally I only use categories, but under each chapter, you will find tags relating to that chapter.  These exist within the story, and were added by the characters themselves.


Saturday’s Merlin was an unusually violent (though nonsensically bloodless) episode.  The storyline was pretty good, but I’m getting impatient regarding the overall plot, which seems to be going nowhere.

Saturday’s LG15: the resistance was much more promising in terms of plot movement.  Chapter 10 was fun and had some surprising twists, although some of the main characters are getting just a little annoying.

Today’s episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures was interesting, but Sarah Jane herself displayed some rather obvious stupidity.  It’s the first part of a time-paradoxy story, which seldom bodes well.

I’ve done some really stupid things myself lately – it’s probably best not to go into all the details, but alcohol has usually been involved – and it’s occurred to me that I am doing very little with my life.  I’m lazy.  I really need to sort myself out.  I’ve also realised that I’m the sort of person people take advantage of.  I’m sick of being funny, I’m sick of being “cute”, and I’m sick of being pushed around.  I’m told I give off “victim vibes”.  I don’t know why that might be, but it’s time I did something about it.



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24 11 2008

yeah, bobby, grab a girl, smack one on her lips and show her who’s the man!:mrgreen: or are you talking about something else altogether? what the heck are victim vibes??

24 11 2008

Uh, that wasn’t quite what I was thinking of, but works for me I guess. ^_^; I was talking more about, you know, taking charge of my own life, thinking for myself a bit more, but whatever.

I don’t know what “victim vibes” are, but I’m told they emanate from me.😕 I suspect it has something to do with my usually kinda gormless expression and my unwillingness to defend myself!

25 11 2008

Victim vibes is “hey here I am, pick on me” I don’t think you are quite that bad, I think you will only put up with so much nonsense. Right I’m pretty much up to date now, I’ve had a the busy dizzies these last coupla weeks.

25 11 2008

I don’t know, I can put up with quite a lot.

Yay! That’s all right, thanks for reading!🙂

25 11 2008

gormless expression? like you avatar?😛

26 11 2008

Yep. That’s my actual expression.🙂

27 11 2008

Well, I always thought you must look exactly like your avatar.😉 You are not lazy! How can you say you’re lazy? Look at all this writing you do for a start! And schoolwork, too! I’m sure you already know this, but…a little alcohol goes a long way. I’m sorry you’re feeling punky, but, you really are quite a useful person, don’t you know!!!

27 11 2008

I think everyone looks like their avatars, but then I’m strange that way!

I can find it hard to motivate myself, especially where schoolwork is concerned, so I have been slacking off a little, but that changes from now.

Believe me, you don’t have to tell me about alcohol. It actually takes quite a lot to get me drunk, but once I am, I tend to keep drinking.

Well, thank you very much!🙂 I try to be useful.


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