Chapter 58 – Minutes 2 and Another School Update

24 11 2008


I saw Minutes 2 at the cinema the other day. It’s really quite good. I didn’t think the plot was as good as the last movie, but the action scenes are very convincing, and the script is very witty. I loved the scene in the factory. And of course, Matteo Mazur (squee!) is just as hot as he was in the last movie, so that was reason enough to go see it. Laxmi Takahashi (squee again!) is a welcome addition as well.

Ahem… where was I? Oh yeah, I also loved Mike Lance’s cover of the main theme. Brilliant song.

It sure is getting dark early in the afternoon of late, isn’t it? It was already dark by the time we came out of the cinema. Thankfully, we all made it back home without getting murdered by Hawkbites or Swords or Aztec death cults with marker pens, despite my parents’ worries.

Meanwhile, at school, things aren’t going so great. Well, my art project is going nowhere, anyway. I’ve been cutting out bits of everything from photographs to cereal packets and sticking them in my sketch book, but I still haven’t got my final project planned. I wanted to do something bright and happy, but I’ve been worrying too much over the last few weeks to do that.

At least music technology is looking more hopeful. I’ve got the drum track basically sorted now. It might need a little tweaking once I’ve got the rest of the song recorded, but it sounds very similar to the drums on the original song.

I’ve been spending more time in the study area generally of late, and I’m getting to know my bassist pretty well. I’ve heard him play now, and he’s almost there already; with a bit of practice, I think he’ll be perfect for my recording.




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24 11 2008

I will have to start reading this. Looks like it is interesting. 🙂

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy reading it!

25 11 2008

Thing are beginning to happen just like I said 😉

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Well, a lot has been happening, that’s for sure!

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