Chapter 57 – Normal

21 11 2008


i’ve been in a good mood basically all week. happier than i’ve been for some time, actually. everything seems so much clearer to me since i got back to england. apart from anything else, i love having my normal life back.

there’s been a lot more schoolwork to do than there was last term. everyone has been spending a lot of time in the study room. problem is, i find it’s hard to get any work done when teachers keep walking in and, telling us all to keep quiet. i find the strict atmosphere much more distracting than the people talking!

i’m going to my second martial arts class very soon. the first one was alright. we were just learning the basics. it’s an odd style. they just call it “martial arts”, but it’s a weird mix of techniques from karate, judo, savate, capoeira and boxing, among other things. they claim to have “taken inspiration from a variety of martial arts traditions and refined them into the perfect fighting style”, which sounds like marketing bs to me, but adam assures me they know what they’re doing.

iaru signed up for the classes with me, which was cool. i don’t know anyone else there, so it sure is nice to have a friend there. iaru already goes to the gym every week for fencing lessons, so he’s used to the place. it’s not much like the gym i used to go to. it’s more like a dojo than anything else, only the design isn’t very japanese.




One response

24 11 2008

I hope never to have to find this out but it always looks to me as if martial arts kinda depends on the opponent doing what you expect, i.e. if she kicks you grab her leg etc, my dad says the best defence is to bite a blokes nose off 😮

bizzariarox: nah, martial arts can be pretty versatile if you use them correctly. i have a friend who is an expert at judo throws, and if anyone tries to pick a fight with him, they’re on the ground before they know what hit them.

lol, don’t think i could ever bite someone’s nose off! The BEST defence is always to leg it, maybe kick them somewhere they won’t forget it, but then run as fast as you can. if you get trapped, though, it’s gotta be handy to have some fighting expertise.

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