Chapter 56 – the rant

19 11 2008

Johnny is always happy to help!  Especially if it’s a pretty girl he’s helping.

Some Music Technology recording coursework can be an absolute nightmare to complete, so it’s great when you can find people who are willing to let you record them.


Current listening: Ozma, “Korobeiniki”.




3 responses

19 11 2008

gathering clouds – that’s the basis for another character’s online username (cloudsaregatheringoverme), right? it makes better sense now if it is. 😛

and bobby? does bobby go out of his way to help pretty girls too? :mrgreen:

19 11 2008

I second the above commenter’s question. :mrgreen:
Although I’m shocked; shocked I tell you, that Johnny would let such pedestrian issues as the girl’s prettiness affect his desire to help!!! 😮
(Nah, not really…human nature and all.) 😉

20 11 2008

@ sulz: Yep, that’s where the name comes from. The Gathering Clouds are Megan’s favourite band, so she chose her screen name in their honour.

Bobby, being a helpful individual, goes out of his way to help everybody, naturally. 😉

@ museditions: Johnny is a nice guy, but he isn’t utterly incapable of shallowness, I’m afraid. My sources say he is definitely human, with all the flaws that entails.

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