Chapter 56 – I have a mission (I choose to accept it)

19 11 2008


I’ve got a new project to work on. You remember I took up the guitar recently? Well, there’s a girl in my English class who’s doing a music tech project where she needs to record a cover of “Who’s There?” by the Gathering Clouds, and she was looking for a guitarist, so I volunteered to play it. I said I’d have it ready to record by Christmas.

I know, you’re probably thinking I’m too much of a beginner to perform a recordable-quality tune, but it’s a really basic part, there are only about five guitar chords in the entire song (the synthesiser leads), so it should be easy enough. Anyway, the girl in question is really nice and she said she was having difficulty finding anyone who would play the guitar on her recording, so I felt I had to help. I did warn her that I’m not very good, but she said she was just glad to have found a guitarist. So now it’s my duty to rehearse this until it’s perfect.

She’s also recruited a rather idiotic friend/unwanted acquaintance of mine to record the bass part. I hope he takes it seriously. He’s a pretty good bass player, but he’s the sort of person who is liable to say he’ll do something, and then doesn’t bother.




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19 11 2008

Sounds like a good opportunity for you—in a couple of ways! 😉 I hope your bassist mate comes through; the head of the project seems like a nice person. Good luck with the rehearsing.

johnny07: It’ll be an opportunity for me to make an utter idiot of myself if I don’t get this song perfect! Yeah I hope he comes through, too. She is really nice, so I’d feel terrible if we messed this up for her!

Thank you for the luck!

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