Chapter 54 – the rant

14 11 2008

Bradley can blog on the go, thanks to her snazzy Pocket Computer!

I could just say laptop or BlackBerry or something, but whatever.


Heroes was cool, but weird.  I liked Mohinder a bit more in Wednesday’s episode than I have in some time.  I do not like Arthur or Angela, however.

I’m told the next episode is awful.

While Bradley is going to martial arts class, I’m going to my friends’ 18th birthday celebrations.  The dilemma of the disliked person mentioned in the last rant has resolved itself rather neatly, because he’s decided not to go for his own reasons, I think to do with location and money.  I just hope nobody said anything insensitive to him.




2 responses

16 11 2008

Bradley’s computer sounds way cooler than a BlackBerry; I want one. I’m glad you won’t have to deal with the disliked person at the party, but don’t you think it must be resolved one way or another?
I dunno about Heroes these days. What is Arthur’s game, anyway?

16 11 2008

That’s part of the fun of science fiction, isn’t it?

I’m kinda hoping there won’t be anything that needs resolving, to be honest. As far as I’m aware, he doesn’t even know how she feels about him, and I don’t think she’s likely to tell him. Maybe they’ll be friends again next week.

I do not like Arthur one bit. He’s worse than Sylar! I think he wants to give everyone powers, but if so, he’s got a funny way of going about it!

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