Chapter 54 – Somewhere I Belong

14 11 2008


i got back to hercynia on monday night. i’d have blogged about it sooner, but i’ve had a lot of catching up to do, both in terms of people and of schoolwork. i was worried i wouldn’t have a job anymore, but i spoke to monique and she said that of course i still have my job under the circumstances. so that’s something i needn’t have worried about. i’ve spoken to sakura since i got back, and she’s ok. she’s back at school too.

when i got back, my mum and a bunch of my friends were all waiting for me at the airport. i was so glad to see them all! i don’t normally hug people very much, but i hugged everyone there. i was so glad to see them all again! i felt too overwhelmed to speak. it was all i could do to stop myself misting up. still, i was so tired, and very glad to get to bed. visiting a country on the other side of the world and then travelling in the dark plays havoc with your sleep patterns.

i’ve enrolled in martial arts classes at the gym near the south dock. iaru’s brother adam goes there regularly, and he recommended it. i think after all that has happened, it’s vital that i learn to defend myself. i’m on my way down there now. wish me luck!



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16 11 2008

funkyloon: Good luck with the martial arts, Bradlers! How was the first class?

bizzariarox: thanx. it was ok, we were only doing the basics though.

20 11 2008

Oh, I missed this one, somehow. I’m so glad you got back OK and that you’re settling in again. Simply everyone was talking about you and worried for you! We still wonder about the sinister goings-on. I hope the martial arts class goes well, and helps you to feel strong and confident!

bizzariarox: no worries, i love your comments, whenever you visit! aww, thank you! i’m glad about that too. 🙂 yeah, crazy isn’t it? my fortnight of international fame!

i hope they catch those kidnappers soon. whatever their reason, they need to be caught! thanks! 🙂

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