Chapter 53 – the rant

12 11 2008

I got as far as writing this chapter and realised that Bradley didn’t have a surname, so I invented one on the spot.

It should be apparent that Johnny is really quite troubled by the news story about the murders.  But then, murder is a disturbing concept.

I was a bit uneasy about mentioning real-life murderers in this story, but Johnny is a history student, so it made sense for him to be informed about such things, and I couldn’t think of any good reason not to mention them.  All the killers mentioned were active several decades ago, so hopefully nobody will be upset.


If you’ll allow me a moment to do some actual ranting: why can’t everyone get along?  It would make life so much easier.  Apparently one of my friends really dislikes another of my friends, even though they both hang around together a lot of the time at school.  She apparently dislikes him so much that the thought of eating at the same table as him is unbearable.  Which is incredibly inconvenient, since the lot of us are going out to eat on Friday, to celebrate the 18th birthdays of two of my friends.

Why can’t everyone just be cool with everything?  I always tend to assume that, deep down, everyone likes one another really, even if they don’t always act like it.  I know that’s utter nonsense, but I can’t help making that kind of assumption, because I can’t think of anyone I know who I could actually hate or hold a grudge against.

Maybe my problem is that I’m too nice.  I’m too naïve, at any rate. 😦




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12 11 2008

i’m like your friend and have put my friends in awkward positions like that many times throughout my life – i’m really not very easy to get along with! i think she has a reason for feeling that way and she feels as if he does not considers her feelings in that sense. she probably wants to voice it out but doesn’t want to break the peace between your circle of friends, hence the passive aggression.

if you or your friends could get the both of them together and talk, maybe something good can come out of it?

13 11 2008

Thanks for the advice. I’m sure you’re right about her, but it’s frustrating because none of us even had any idea she felt that way until she mentioned it today. I doubt he has any idea, for that matter, which complicates things.

Problem is, they’re both such nice people, but they’re also a complete clash of personalities, because neither is the sort of person who can accept being in the wrong.

16 11 2008

Nooooo you are not TOO nice! Don’t ever think that. Be you; you are terrific! It is irritating that such strong dislikes can occur in groups of friends. From my point of view, it’s important not to get drawn into the middle of a quarrel that isn’t yours. Refuse to take sides! (Good luck!)

16 11 2008

OK, fair play, you can never be TOO nice. Thank you very much; I think you are very cool too! 😀

I don’t try to get involved in other people’s quarrels, and I’m not taking sides, but this is a bit more complicated than that. 😦 Thanks for the luck; I think we’re all going to need it!

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