Chapter 52 – the rant

11 11 2008

It’s not sensible to go out in the evening when you have school the following day, but some things need to be celebrated.

“Text” and “mail” are essentially the same thing in this setting.  Whichever word the characters use is up to them.


Yesterday’s episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures was a strange one.  There’s a lot going on in this latest story.

Today is November the 11th, a day for remembrance.  Ninety years ago, the armistice treaty was signed, bringing an end to a conflict that had lasted for more than 3 years.

I’ve been fortunate in that no-one I know has died in a war.  I had a great uncle who was a pilot who was shot down in the Second World War, but that was before even my parents were born, and my grandfather won’t talk about it.  So when there’s a Remembrance Day, I can’t remember any specific person or people.  Instead, for me, Remembrance Day is a day for thinking about war in general, and the people who sacrificed their lives what they believed was right, many of whom I probably owe my freedom to.

I dislike fighting.  I think the world would be a much better place if nobody ever attacked anybody.  Of course, the circumstances behind war are usually much more complicated than that.  It all makes me feel very sad.

So today, I remember the people I have never met; the men and women who fought because they wanted to protect their country, or because they wanted to defend other people, or because they were trying to uphold some principle or other, or because they wanted honour and adventure, or just because they had no other choice; the people who died because of “the old lie”; the people who laid down their lives in the name of justice and freedom.



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