Chapter 52 – Happy Ending!

11 11 2008


Great news! My friend who was kidnapped got back here OK! She was at school today and everything! I don’t know that I’ve ever been so relieved before!

Everyone had been so worried. There was a notice about it in assembly and everything. A group of us are going out for a meal later to celebrate.

Unfortunately I can’t stay out too late nowadays, because my parents are concerned about the crime in this area lately. Did you hear? There was another body found in a canal the other day. It’s horrible. But I managed to persuade my parents that we’ll be OK as a group, and that we’ll be fine if we don’t stay out too late. The restaurants aren’t open that late into the evening anyway, and it is school tomorrow.

Why am I talking about such depressing things, anyway? Today is a day for celebration!

One of my friends just texted me. I’m going now. Bye!




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