Chapter 51 – We got back safely!!!

10 11 2008


Hi again! Thank you all of you for being so supportive while we were kidnapped! We all got back home safely, and “Research Team 7” have driven off. We contacted the police, so hopefully they’ll catch them. The police wanted to speak to us all and hear everything about the time when we were captured, so we told them all we could remember. Dad in particular had a lot to say, he and the police officer had a long conversation!

We’re all really glad to be back. It feels so good to be back in my own house. Bradlers is heading back to England first thing tomorrow. I’m going to miss her. This whole week, it’s been the two of us united against the rest of the world, and even though we got on each other’s nerves a few times, I think I’ve really grown close to her. She’s such a great person to have around, especially in a crisis situation!




2 responses

10 11 2008

Poor ol’ Bradlers, sheesh ! some holiday she had

funkyloon: Yeah, she said it was the worst holiday ever!! Poor ol’ Bradlers.

16 11 2008

Thank goodness! A lot of us were very worried about you! Take care of yourself. I wonder what your Dad said to the police? This whole thing is just so weird; you might want to stay on your guard.

funkyloon: Thank you!! Sorry we worried you! I was wondering about that too, very strange isnt it? when we asked him, he said he was telling them all the details, but we don’t even know the details! Thanx for the comment, take care!

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