Chapter 50 – the rant

8 11 2008

Well, that’s that then. 😉

Actually, we have definitely not seen the last of Research Team 7.  It should be apparent that there is rather more going on here than meets the eye.


Today’s Merlin was excellent.  Merlin faced a rather nasty moral dilemma (for which I hold Uther and that irritating dragon personally responsible), and the twist ending really made the episode.  One interesting thing about the show is that there are nearly always two conflicts going on at once: the castle versus the baddie of the week, and Uther versus all things magical.  That means Merlin is very often torn between two sides, and it can be difficult to tell who you should be siding with.

I’ve just finished watching Chapter 8 of LG15: the resistance, which I also found very entertaining.  Dr. Alderman is the perfect creepy evil doctor, but the star of the show this time was definitely Maggie.  I loved the scene of Jonas teaching her to vlog.




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