Chapter 49 – the rant

7 11 2008

Lucky Johnny.  Driving lessons are the least of anyone else’s worries in this story.  Since Johnny has just started driving, he’s only practicing starting the engine and braking at this point.


I’ve finally seen Cloverfield this week, so that can be ticked off my very long mental list of movies I really want to see when I get around to it.  It’s pretty awesome.  I love the realism.

Wednesday’s Heroes was brilliant.  I think it was one of the best episodes this series.  So much happened, and there were so many great character moments.  I was glad to note that they are actually prepared to kill off recurring villains, because there are so many running around at the moment, but the baddie in question was one of my favourites, so I was slightly sad to see him go.  But Hiro, Claire, Daphne, Usutu, Matt and even Tracy were all wonderful.  I even found myself sympathising with Sylar at one point.



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8 11 2008

Johnny’s lessons! You left Bradley and Sakura hostages! I am learning patience from your blog!!! 😀
I agree, there have been so many “villains” running around, it’s been hard to keep them straight. Still, it’s hard to know who’s which!
I don’t know about Cloverfield. Must investigate.

8 11 2008

I wanted to show how life goes on for other people. Johnny doesn’t know Bradley very well, so that hasn’t really affected him at all. Plus it’s been six chapters since he last blogged!

At the moment, I think Heroes is unusually morally black-and-white, with the conflict consisting of the evil Pinehearst versus everybody else, although I have no doubt that a couple of episodes later all will be turned on its head again.

Cloverfield is a strange one. In some ways, it’s a deconstruction of the typical monster movie, showing just how terrifying and confusing the situation would be for the ordinary citizens present. It’s intentionally bleak and bewildering, but that’s what makes it so clever.

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