Chapter 49 – Driving Lessons

7 11 2008


I had my first driving lesson today, first thing after school. I was pretty nervous about it, because I’ve never driven a car before.

My driving instructor was a tall, laid-back seeming guy. He kept telling me that I needed to relax, so I guess my nervousness was showing.

To my relief, he started by running me through the basics – what does what, how the clutch works, that kind of thing – and preparing to drive, remembering to check the doors, the handbrake, the seat, the seatbelt, the steering wheel and the mirrors first. Then he got me to actually drive a short distance, which was frankly terrifying, but obviously he wasn’t going to let me do anything stupid, and it was fine. He specifically chose an area where there weren’t many cars about, which I guess is standard practice for first time learners.

So I guess these lessons aren’t going to be so bad after all.




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7 11 2008

i remember my first driving lesson too. i knew nuts like you, unlike some people who have driven before (illegally of course) their first lesson. my instructor was this old man who liked to talk a lot. i’d try and join in the conversation, but no, he just wants to talk and hear himself talk. 😆

johnny07: Yeah, quite a lot of people do that, don’t they? Driving before their first lesson. It probably helps a lot. Haha, that instructor sounds like one or two people I know from school. Not just teachers, either.

8 11 2008

Yeah, me too! I was really nervous; I thought I was going to kill someone, or myself. I still don’t like driving very much, but I do like having the freedom to travel that way.
Good luck!

johnny07: That’s exactly how I felt! I knew I was being irrational, because the instructor assured me that since he had his own pedals there was no way he would let me crash his car, but I felt so apprehensive about the whole thing. I think I could get to like driving once I get used to it. It’ll be a handy thing to be able to do.

Thank you!

13 11 2008
The Driving Instructor

Johnny, good luck with learning to drive, and hope you start to master the skills without too much problems.

johnny07: Thanks! My next lesson is tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

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