Chapter 47 – the rant

3 11 2008

If Bradley knew exactly what was going on, she’d be a step ahead of the rest of the universe.  I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on at any given time.

Poor Ruchy.  She’s possibly the nicest evil kidnapper ever.


Saturday’s LG15: the resistance was a very seasonal episode.  I think Sarah may actually have met her match at last!  Some very funny dialogue.

Saturday’s Merlin was a rather sinister story involving the Sídhe.  I found it a bit silly at times, but “fair folk” always make for interesting villains.

Today’s The Sarah Jane Adventures, an astrology-themed story with a suitably creepy baddie, was pretty good as well.  I noticed Mal Loup, the American newsreader from Doctor Who; that’s the fun of a shared universe, spotting all the connections between the shows.

Friday’s party was great fun, if a bit crazy at times.  We got raided by the police at one point, but fortunately they didn’t find anything that shouldn’t have been there.  It was pretty smoky and pretty messy generally, though, and everyone got quite drunk.  I got punched in the face at one point, which was fairly uncomfortable.  I didn’t even do anything, I just opened the door for the guy.  So much for manners.  Then I went upstairs, hoping nobody would notice, but what I didn’t realise was that half my face had swollen up and my lip was bleeding.  I was surprised by how angry everyone got.  People were saying they were going to beat the crap out of the guy, and it was all I could do to calm them down.  I suppose I should be honoured.

Anyway, I saw the dude who hit me later in the evening, and he said he was sorry, so it’s all cool.  And he left before anyone could hit him, which was probably for the best.

I seem to remember I ended up on the floor, covered in chocolate powder and reading The Lord of the Rings aloud, funnily enough.



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3 11 2008

you got punched in the face and you don’t feel angry about it?? you are a masochist, bobby!

3 11 2008

are you okay though? is the swelling still very bad? 😦 while i personally like bruises, i don’t think they go too well with the face, huh?

3 11 2008

I’m not a masochist! I wasn’t exactly happy about it either! I just didn’t want a mob of people trying to beat him up, which is what we had at one point!

‘Course I’m OK. 🙂 I’m more embarrassed than anything, and the swelling has gone down a lot, so you can hardly see it now. Thanks for the concern, though! 😉

You like bruises? Isn’t that masochism?

4 11 2008

well, i didn’t say i wasn’t a masochist (in some ways). :mrgreen:

4 11 2008

Geez. You take care of yourself, OK? 🙂

5 11 2008

Sulz the masochist hee hee [kerwhallop take that]

5 11 2008

I just get to thinking you’re rather a sedate chap—by that I don’t mean you are boring at all, just well behaved!—and then you report something like this party! B0bby! Your friends are rather wild! I know (from experience) that it doesn’t seem to be as big a deal to get punched when one is, um, “feeling no pain”, but I’ll bet waking up the next day was no fun.
Glad you are OK. I feel badly about your friend’s house. I stopped having parties when one wall got a skateboard kicked into it (left a big hole) and another got burned (by a candle; could have been the whole house, sheesh!)
Take care of yourself, OK?

6 11 2008

@ gentledove: 😯 Careful! She only said “in some ways”!

@ museditions: I am moderately well behaved! I’m well behaved when sober, anyway. Sorry if I ruined your impression of me as a “sedate chap”!

In all honesty, at the time, I really could barely feel it. My face ached in the morning, though. It’s lucky I don’t get hangovers.

Thank you. No walls had holes knocked into them, but at least one window was smashed, I think a wardrobe might have been broken, and a curtain was pulled down. I feel bad for the guy who was hosting the party too, but he was really relaxed about it. He reckons things like that just happen at parties.

I’ll try. The same to you. 🙂

You’ll get to see Sarah Jane soon! I’m sure you will!

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